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EVE Online's Project Discovery Wins Webby Award For Its Citizen Science Initiative

CCP Games has announced today that their Project Discovery initiative has won the Webby Award for People's Voice Winner In The Games: Public Service, Activism and Social Impact.

EVE Online's Project Discovery Is Up For A Webby Award

EVE Online's citizen science feature, Project Discovery, is up for a Webby award. The feature has been nominated for the Best Piblic Service, Activism, and Social Aspect Game in this year's awards.

EVE Online Players Helped Provide Nearly 150 Years Worth of COVID-19 Research

In some much-needed good news, it seems like EVE Online players have submitted millions of data classifications towards COVID-19 research.

FIght COVID-19 By Playing EVE Online

CCP Games in conjunction with Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS) have announced the third phase of their Project Discovery initiative, which will have players engage in a mini-game within EVE Online to help scientists fight COVID-19.

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