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Are Gear Treadmills the Best We Can Do for End Game? | One Good Roll

In this week's One Good Roll, Steven muses about how the gear grind has been a rather consistent pillar of endgame as far back as MMORPGs have been around, but he wonders, is this really the best end game MMORPG's can offer?

MMOSide Chat - How Do You Measure Your Progress In An MMO?

In the vast majority of MMOs - and RPGs for that matter - level is the one constant that tells you you're getting stronger. The arbitrary number tied to the quality of gear you can wear, weapons you an weild or skills you can use is typically a catch-all for showing progress. But is that how each of us personally tracks it on our own?

Camelot Unchained Looks Like It's Starting to Take Shape

The most recent community update from Camelot Unchained points to some progress as the game looks like it's starting to take shape.

New World Outlines Character Progression

In the latest news from the New World team, character progression is put into focus.