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Indie MMO Spotlight: Rollbacks, Light Bringers, And Community Leaders

It has been another busy week in the Indie MMO world. Several MMOs pushed out hefty updates, and others continued to hire new staff members. We even have two MMOs making their first appearance in the Indie MMO Spotlight. Oh, and it may not be indie or MMO related, but it's Week 1 of the NFL season - GO HAWKS!

Indie MMO Spotlight: Building Buildings, Player Input, And Developer's Vision

This week the Indie MMO Spotlight brings you a baker's dozen of delicious morsels to consume. Indie developers always seem to appreciate player feedback, and this week multiple developers wanted you to speak up. They also did a lot of talking about their inspiration and vision for their games. Oh, and we got some more information on upcoming alphas that you won't want to miss.

Indie MMO Profane Breaks Down Exploration And More In Latest Twitter Thread

Profane, the upcoming indie MMO from Brazillian developer Insane, took to Twitter once again to talk about some of the features coming when the MMO launches. This time it's all about world exploration and more.

Profane Declares Success on Alpha Roadmap Part 1 - Prepares for Part 2

Profane, the in-development classless, level-less sandbox is tucking their Alpha Roadmap Part 1 away this month, as they prepare to unleash their next set of goals in their 2021 Alpha Roadmap Part 2 expected within the next couple months.

Profane Posts Progress Update Video - Plus What's in Store for 2021

Described as a true sandbox MMORPG, Profane is a game that has unbridled ambition when it comes to the breadth of its features. Hot on the heels of their updated 2021 Roadmap, Brazilian developer Insane released a video detailing the pace of their progress on several features in a developer progress compilation of May and June's accomplishments.

Profane Shows Off Its Fabric Creation In Latest Twitter Dev Thread

Profane, an indie sandbox MMORPG in development, has released a new developer thread showing off more of the MMO in progress. Released before the holiday weekend, the thread talked a bit about making cloth in game as well as showed off a few examples of what the team is working on for Profane.

Profane Shows Off Character Customization Progress In New Twitter Thread

Profane, an upcoming sandbox MMORPG, took to Twitter today to showcase some of the progress made on character customization.

Profane Is An In-Deveopment Sandbox MMORPG From Insane, Check Out Its Recent Reddit AMA

Profane is billed as an open PvP, full loot sandbox MMORPG in development from creator INSANE Game Studio, and the team behind the upcoming MMO just recently hosted a Reddit Ask Me Anything, diving into the game in progress.

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