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Hands-On Preview: No Rest For The Wicked Marks Moon Studios's Shift From Cute To Brute

No Rest for the Wicked is a upcoming ARPG from Moon Studios, and it's brutal. Check out our thoughts in this first hands-on preview.

Tarisland Closed Beta Impressions: A Bumpy Start With Red Flags

Tarisland had a lot of hype surrounding it, and we had to give the Closed Beta Test a try. However, while Kanishka dives into the good of Tarisland, there are also some red flags to consider when playing Tencent's upcoming PC and Mobile MMO.

Perfect New World Beta Impressions: A Long Way From Perfect But a Step in the Right Direction

Perfect New World's Equilibrious Test went live this week. After several hours, is this the Perfect New World you've been looking for? Here's our early impressions.

Hands-On Impressions: Escape From Tarkov: Arena Is A Great Entry Point To The Extraction Franchies

Extraction shooter Escape from Tarkov is launching a stand-alone Arena mode that takes the hardcore gameplay from Tarkov proper and puts it into a fast-paced arena shooter. Bradford went hands-on and talked with Battlestate Games about it during TwitchCon last month.

PAX West Preview: Long Gone Days: A Sniper's Tale Unveiled

Long Gone Days is a pixel-based, turn-based combat that imagines a world at war. Part sniper sim, part turn-based combat game, Brian had a chance to go hands on at PAX West to check out the upcoming game.

Preview: Palia Brings The Cozy Vibes With Its Community Sim MMO

Cozy MMO Palia launches into Closed Beta today, opening up its world for players to explore, build together and uncover the mysteries of Palia, and maybe do a bit of fishing together along the way.

Preview: Blue Protocol Summer Game Fest Hands-On Impressions

Blue Protocol was at Summer Game Fest this year, showing off the MMORPG from Bandai Namco Online and Amazon Games for the first time in English. How does the upcoming anime MMO fare?

Side Quests: Pikmin 4 Impressions

Pikmin 4 is nearly here, with the latest in the franchise launching on July 21st. Pikmin fanatic Mike BC takes a look at the demo and gives his thoughts in an early look at the game.

Preview: Fae Farm Is So Much More Than A Farming Sim

Fae Farm, the cozy sim from the Dauntless developers, Phoenix Labs, aims to bring a chill vibe to your Switch and PC this fall. Combining RPG elements with some of the best design aesthetics from farming and life sims in recent years, Fae Farm is shaping up to be so much more than just a farming sim.

Summer Game Fest 2 Preview: Remnant 2 Is A Solid Action RPG With A Mean Streak

Remnant: From The Ashes made a significant splash when it launched in 2018, infusing the action-RPG genre with some extra firepower. The unique take on the whole "Soulsborne" idea was welcomed by fans and critics alike, with its procedurally-generated areas and unique third-person shooter spin on the format. Remnant 2 is building off all of that, from the addition of new procedural elements to a renewed focus on gunplay, and based on my hands-on time with it at Summer Game Fest, I reckon Gunfire

Preview: Final Fantasy XVI Hands-On Impressions

Final Fantasy XVI is about the spectacle. Whether it's the large, beautifully detailed environments or the flashy, particle-heavy combat sequences, Bradford was enthralled over the course of his nearly six hours with the upcoming RPG during a preview event in Los Angeles earlier this month.

Preview: Evercore Heroes Puts a New Spin on the MOBA

Vela Games' Evercore Heroes isn't exactly a MOBA in the traditional sense, and Nick got a chance to check out exactly what the studio is doing to shake up the popular formula.

Preview: Inkbound's Story Book World Is An Interesting Hook I Want To Explore More

Written on the pages of every book is a voice to be heard, a story to be told, and a message to be received.  What happens when the voice becomes distorted? What happens when the stories lose their anchor? What happens when the message becomes corrupted?  Shiny Shoe Games, the devs behind Monster Train, explore this very idea in Inkbound.

Waven Preview -  A Delightfully Cheery Take On A Deckbuilding Mobile MMORPG

It's not essential to know that Waven is in the same universe as some of Ankama's other hit games such as Wakfu and Dofus. But if you loved those games, Ankama's upcoming game, Waven, will absolutely pique your interest. 

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Hands-On Preview

Last week we had the chance to go hands on with EA and Respawn's upcoming sequel to its entry into the Star Wars Universe, playing about three hours of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. One word kept coming to mind when Bradford played the media preview: evolution.