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Preview: Hands-On With Bayonetta 3 - High Flying, Demon Summoning Fun

Bayonetta 3 is coming in October, and we had the chance to go hands-on with the upcoming action title this year at PAX West. Check out our thoughts on how the experience stacked up.

Guild Wars 2: Tower of Nightmares Hands On Preview

Robin takes Guild Wars 2's Tower of Nightmares for a spin, giving her thoughts on the latest Guild Wars 2 update.

PAX West 2022: Galahad 3093 Is A Chaotic Spiritual Successor To 1993 Online Game CyberStrike

Galahad 3093, developed by Simutronics, puts players into the roles of the Knights of the Round Table...sort of. This time, instead of riding great steeds into battle, they board giant mechs, called Lances, to duke it out with their enemies. The spiritual successor to 1993's online game CyberStrike, Simutronics aims to recreate those fast paced mech battles they were known for back in the day.

PAX West 2022: The Last Hero Of Nostalgaia's Snarky Narrator Was The Highlight Of The Weekend - The RPG Files

Bradford checked out the upcoming Soulslike-RPG, The Last Hero of Nostalgaia, during PAX West 2022. From its tight, precise gameplay to its snarky, humorous narrator, it might have been the highlight of the show for him.

Preview: ESO High Isle: While I'm Excited, I Definitely Have Some Concerns

Bradford is ready to explore the Systres Archipelago when The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle launches next week. But while he's excited for what's to come with the new chapter, he definitely has some concerns.

Demeo PC Edition Hands-On Preview

Resolution Games is getting ready to release Demeo PC Edition next month, and we had the chance to get some hands-on time with their take on a virtual tabletop RPG. The game was originally released on VR platforms in May 2021, but how does it compare to the PC Edition? Check out Kevin's thoughts in our preview.

Mist Legacy Preview - An MMO With A Different Perspective

It's no lie that MMORPG.com readers have seen more than our fair share of "fantasy MMOs". We've seen many come and go, including many from big publishers. So how would you feel about a fantasy MMO from a smaller company that has a new "perspective" on fantasy MMOs literally? We had a chance to preview Virtys Studio's Mist Legacy a free-to-play fantasy MMO currently in early access on Steam PC.

Preview: Dying Light 2: Stay Human Is A Land Of The Living In Spite Of The Dead

Jason recently had the chance to check out the upcoming parkour RPG Dying Light 2: Stay Human at an event in San Francisco. Read on to learn more about the upcoming sequel to the first-parson zombie parkour game!

Preview - Checking Out VR MMORPG Zenith: The Last City's Second Alpha

Zenith: The Last City, a VR MMORPG by RamenVR, had its second alpha at the end of July. After the first alpha, the developers have been busy adding features, content, fixes, and a few bugs. From cooking to zip lines, check out Kevin's thoughts on the second alpha phase and insights from Andy Tsen, Co-Founder/CEO of RamenVR.

Crowfall Beta First Impressions

With so many games attempting to innovate their respective genres, the MMORPG has been in need of some serious love and attention in recent years. Thankfully we've moved past the age of every new title needing to be the next "WOW killer", and have instead progressed to a time where MMO's are more interested in creating something new rather than the same thing but "better." Matt took a look at Crowfall in the most recent beta test.

Not So MMO: Humankind Preview - Trying Out Amplitude's Upcoming 4X Strategy Title

Bradford is a huge fan of 4X strategy games, so when he was able to go hands on finally with some extended time in Humankind, he jumped at the opportunity. And what he found there was a multi-layered complex 4X game that can potentially stand with the giants of the genre.

Preview: The Future of Dauntless Is Radiant

Robin had the chance to check out Dauntless' latest update, Echoes of the Future, which brings a new hunting ground, QOL updates and a new Behemoth, the Chronovore to the free-to-play hunting game.

The Ascent Hands-On Preview: Diablo With Guns

Jason checks out The Ascent, an Isometric action shooter with RPG elements. As he puts it: Diablo with guns!

Total War: Warhammer 3 Preview - Hands-On With Total War's New Survival Battle Mode

Total War: WARHAMMER 3 arrives later this year, and Creative Assembly invited MMORPG to a preview of the new Survival Battle mode. In this new mode, Kevin takes the fight to one of the featured four realms of chaos. Is it fun? Is it challenging? Read on to find out what it's like to invade the chaos realm of Khorne the Blood God

Naraka: Bladepoint's Parkour Battle Royale Reinvigorates A Stale Genre

Naraka: Bladepoint held its open beta this last weekend and what stood out to Bradford is how the sword-slinging battle royale injects some new life into a stale concept.