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Frozen Flame Closed Beta Impressions

The developers at Dreamside Interactive have created a fun and vivid world to explore with Frozen Flame. In this open-world survival RPG, there is always something new to discover. But do the other systems hold up? Find out in Kevin's closed beta impressions.

Not So MMO: Far Cry 6 Preview

Far Cry 6 is gearing up for its release this October and we had the chance to go hands on with the first person shooter. Co-op is coming to Far Cry, giving players a whole new way to experience the iconic playground, all the whileworking towards stopping Anton Castillo from brutally subjugating his people. How does the experience stack up thus far?

New World Beta Impressions: Questing Needs A Bit Of Work

New World's closed beta has been in full swing since July 20th, and tens of thousands of players have landed in Aeternum waging war, skinning turkeys and more. One aspect of New World that has been frustrating though, more than others at least to Bradford, are the quests you can undertake in Amazon's MMO.

New World Preview: Outpost Rush And The Lazarus Instrumentality

This past week we had the chance to go hands on with New World's endgane activities: Outpost Rush and one of the late-game Expeditions, the Lazarus Instrumentality. How do these fare as New World transitions to Closed Beta this week? Read on for our thoughts!

Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha Overview

Robin has been in the closed alpha for Diablo Immortal for a little over a month now, and she finally feels ready to talk about it. In her overview she'll detail gameplay, some class aspects and more.

New World Is Going On A Tour Of Aeternum, Giving Players A Glimpse At Its First Location, Windsward

New World's beta is fast approaching, and the team is starting to show case some more of the places you can visit a bit more in-depth in its Touring Aeternum series. First up is the town of Windsward.

Elyon Closed Beta Test Preview - How Does Elyon's Story Hold Up In The Early Hours?

The closed beta for the MMORPG Elyon, developed by Krafton and published by Kakao Games, is now over. There is a lot to be said about the combat system, enemy design, and game world. But how did the initial story hold up? Is it engaging enough to keep a player's interest? Read on about Kevin's first impressions.

New World's Expeditions Brings The PvE Content I've Wanted In Amazon's Upcoming MMO

New World's recently held a press preview showing off a bit of what the team at Amazon has been working on in the MMO. Expeditions were on the menu this time, with the team showing off the PVE dungeons they've been working on in a bid to add more PVE flavor to the MMO.

Not So MMO: Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous Preview Impressions

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is a robust game. Jason took to the CRPG, whose beta comprises of about 60 hours worth of content, for a spin. Here are his thoughts.

Swords of Legends Online Alpha Preview - Checking Out Gameforge's New MMORPG

We had the chance to check out the alpha for the upcoming Swords of Legends Online. Here are Bradford's initial thoughts at of the massive MMO, from first thoughts about combat and the world design to its cash shop.

Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Hands-On Preview: Companions, Endeavors And More

Last week, Kevin had the chance to go hands on with Elder Scroll Online's upcoming Chapter release, Blackwood, as well as chat with creative director Rich Lambert about the companion system, Endeavors and more.

Riot's League Of Legends Wild Rift Might Just Get Me Into Summoner's Rift Again

League of Legends brings its MOBA formula to the mobile device in North America this week, and with it much of Bradford's free time. Check out his initial thoughts from a weekend in Summoner's Rift.

Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Chapter Preview Event Set for March 31

Zenimax Online Studios revealed that a preview event for Blackwood, the big chapter content for Elder Scrolls Online's year-long Gates of Oblivion adventure, is set for March 31.

Century: Age of Ashes Beta Impressions - Taking Flight And Taking Names

Mitch has the chance to jump on the back of a dragon and duke it out with other dragon riders this past weekend in Century: Age of Ashes' beta test. Here are his extensive thoughts on the experience.

Diablo Immortal Alpha Preview

Last month, Diablo Immortal held a closed alpha test that focused on the endgame content. Here are our impressions of the state of the alpha for Diablo Immortal.