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Shiny Shoe CEO Reflects on Lessons From Inkbound Early Access, From Monetization Pivot to Feedback

Shiny Shoe CEO and co-founder Mark Cooke has a new post-mortem talking about the development and Early Access period for their game, Inkbound, and what went right and wrong on the way to its recent 1.0 launch.

Ember Sword's Dungeon Playtest Saw 42,000 Players Attempt Ultra Deep with Only 1% Successful

Ember Sword has a lot to celebrate as their latest dungeon playtest has been a resounding success. Here's some postmortem statistics from the Bright Star Studios team.

Star Citizen - Alpha 3.10 Postmortem Information Released

The Star Citizen developers over at Cloud Imperium have released information related to Alpha 3.10, now that the game is transitioning into new features and content, the team looks back at what they've learned. The insight into their metrics are meant to give the community an idea of how they will move forward with development.