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Legends Of Aria Postpones Point Release 11 Indefinitely, Cites Decrease In Team Size As Cause

Legends of Aria posted its first development update since December of 2020, cluing fans into what is going on a bit behind the scenes at developer Citadel Studios. The big news? Point Release 11 has been postponed indefinitely, with CS citing loss of "key" members of the MMO's development team.

Legends of Aria Provides Outlands Development Update: Part Two

Legends of Aria has provided an update on the Outlands, but part two this time, as part of point release 11.

Legends of Aria Provides Development Update for Outlands

Point Release 11 is slowly on the way for Legends of Aria, with the team providing a closer look at the Outlands in their latest development update.

Legends of Aria - A Look at Point Release 11

Point release 11 in Legends of Aria is shaping up to be pretty exciting, as a sneak peak has been posted on the official website detailing a number of new features that players can look forward to. New abilities, lands and heirlooms are expected in this upcoming major update.