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Monsters & Memories Getting a Stress Test and a Weekend Playtest in June

Monsters & Memories will get two separate tests in June. First up is a stress test, and a few weeks later, there will be a weekend playtest.

Seekers of Skyveil Details May EU Playtest, Reveals Next North American Playtest Window

Seekers of Skyveil will get its next playtest next week in Europe, with a date also revealed for the next North American playtest.

Seekers of Skyveil Sets Two New Playtest Dates, Including New Asia-Pacific Test To Open New Servers

The next Seekers of Skyveil playtest dates have been announced, with the action RPG-extraction adventure title setting two new playtest dates in different regions, along with details.

EVE Vanguard's First Strike Playtests Continue Tomorrow, With New Mining Options, and More Improvements

You could jump into a different New Eden in EVE Vanguard, the upcoming sci-fi sandbox FPS on the way, as CCP has announced more on the next First Strike playtest, which begins tomorrow.

Reign of Guilds Begins Final Playtest Before Early Access Release

Medieval MMORPG Reign of Guilds has started their final test ahead of their planned Early Access release. This last stretch of testing begins today February 16th, and will last until February 26th.

PvPvE Extraction RPG Seekers of Skyveil Sets Next Playtest for This Thursday

PvPvE Extraction RPG Seekers of Skyveil is holding its next playtest this Thursday, February 15th. The new test build offers several new features to try out and give the team feedback.

Multiplayer Open World Survival Sandbox Myth of Empires Opens Steam Playtest Today

Myth of Empires has opened up a limited-time Steam playtest starting today through January 30th. The test comes as the open world survival sandbox set against the backdrop of war prepares for launch next month.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Recaps December Playtests With Stats and Feedback

 Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has a recap of the December pre-alpha pledge playtest sessions, with player feedback and some key stats.

Reign of Guilds Open Playtest Begins in 5 Days - Here's How to Sign Up

Mark your calendar for December 21, 2023, as the upcoming playtest of Reign of Guilds plans to go live on that date.

Monsters & Memories Shares Trailer and Says to Just Have Fun In This Weekend's Playtest

This weekend's Monsters & Memories playtest is coming, and the team has a taste of what you can expect and says to have fun exploring the old-school inspired MMORPG.

CCP Announces Phase II Playtest for Upcoming Blockchain EVE-Universe Project Awakening

As CCP Games expands the EVE Online universe with new projects, upcoming AAA blockchain game, Project Awakening, seeks phase 2 playtesters.

Nightingale's November Playtest Saw over 12K 'Realmwalkers' As Inflexion Games Preps For Early Access

The November 2023 closed playtest of Nightingale was a significant event, with Developer Inflexion Games inviting a vast number of 12,000 players known as 'Realmwalkers', to explore its expansive worlds.

Reign of Guilds Declares 'Final Stretch' to Q1 2024 Early Access Release, Testing in December

Reign of Guilds an upcoming medieval fantasy MMORPG by Atlant Games, is rapidly approaching its early access release, set for the first quarter of 2024.

Reign of Guilds Points Finger at Russian Outage for Playtest Woes - Signals Changes on the Way

Reign of Guilds by Atlant Games has just concluded and summarized their 5th playtest, and it didn't exactly go as smoothly as they would have hoped.

Perfect New World Plans Next Test Phase - Here's How to Sign Up

Perfect New World is gearing up for their next play test. Here's how to get in!