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The Future of MMORPGs - 5 Features That Will Change the Genre

With more MMORPGs on the market as ever before, it's easy to see that in many ways, the genre has grown stagnant. Luckily, there are changes headed our way! Here is a list of 5 features that players can look forward to for the future of MMORPGs.

Interview: Longtime MMO Developer Gordon Walton Joins Playable Worlds As Executive Producer

Longtime MMO developer, Gordon Walton has joined Playable Worlds, the company building a new cloud-native sandbox MMORPG helmed by Raph Koster. Walton joins Playable Worlds as both Executive Producer and Chief Product Officer.

Playable Worlds Gets New $25 Million Funding Round for Its Cloud-Native Sandbox MMO

Raph Koster and Eric Goldberg's Playable Worlds is moving along on its upcoming cloud-native sandbox MMO with the announcement of $25 million in Series B funding led by Kakao Games, BITKRAFT, and others.

Interview: Raph Koster on The Metaverse, Cloud Native Gaming and Playable Worlds' Project

Have you heard the term Metaverse recently? Is it just a buzz word used to hype a new upcoming game or is it the future of interconnected social interactions? we decided to pose the question to someone who has actually created a Metaverse in the past, MMORPG Legend, Raph Koster!

Raph Koster's Playable Worlds Won't Be Officially Announcing Its MMO Till Next Year

Raph Koster's Playable Worlds won't be officially announcing its MMO until next year, according to a message posted to Discord by its community manager. The message, retweeted by the official Playable Worlds accounts states that while development is 'underway and making great progress,' the studio has decided to delay sharing details until sometime in 2022.

Raph Koster Talks Digital Ownership In Latest Riffs By Raph Blog

Raph Koster's blogs on the Playable Worlds site keep coming, and this time the legendary MMO developer is tackling the concept of digital ownership.

Raph Koster Talks Differences Between Online Worlds And Metaverse In New Blog

Raph Koster of Playable Worlds dove a bit into the current discourse surrounding metaverses and online worlds, expounding up what the differences are between the two.

Raph Koster Expands Upon Cloud-Native Mindset At Playable Worlds In Latest Riffs Blog

Last week in an interview, Playable Worlds' Raph Koster talked about the MMO his team is making and how it is planned to be "cloud-native." Expanding upon that further, Koster took to the Playable Worlds blog to explain how cloud-native is a mindset for the studio.

Playable Worlds Talks Building A Cloud-Native MMO In New Interview

In a new interview, Playable Worlds' Raph Koster and Eric Goldberg talk about the MMORPG their studio is building, specifically how they are working towards creating a "cloud-native" MMO for the future.

Raph Koster Talks Player Cynicism, Retention And Thinking Long-term In New Blog Post

Raph Koster from Playable Worlds is back with another Riffs by Raph, this time tackling the issues of player retention, building a relationship with players and touching on cynicism by MMO players.

Raph Koster Explores Social Play In MMOs In Latest Playable Worlds Blog Update

Raph Koster of Playable Worlds has taken to the game company's blog to talk game design, this time talking about the social networks and contstructs that make up MMO game design.

Raph Koster Lifts Veil A Smidge On MMO In Progress By Talking Player-Driven Economies

Raph Koster is sharing more insights on the Playable Worlds blog, this time talking about player-driven economies, and more importantly the social fabric that ties in-game - and real life - together. In the piece he briefly lifts the veil behind some of the design philosophy his team is working on with their upcoming MMO.

Raph Koster Proclaims: 'Yes, Worlds Can Feel Alive' - Teases Playable Worlds' Design Approach

Playable Worlds, an online gaming company helmed by legendary MMO Veteran Raph Koster, has been working towards an "outside the box" mentality when it comes to building a living online world. Playable Worlds was founded in 2018 and since raising 2.7 million in 2019, and curating a team of exceptional talent from multiple industries, hopes have been exceedingly high for what their development team will create.

Playable Worlds Raises $10M for Cloud-Native Sandbox MMO

It looks like Playable Worlds has closed Series A funding, raising $10 million towards their cloud-native sandbox MMO.