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Fae Farm's Fantasy Elements Are Woven Beautifully With Its Laid-Back Farming Sim

Fae Farm aims to be a cozy farming sim in a world full of fantasy flair. The second outing by developer Phoenix Labs, the team is building a multiplayer sim that lets up to four players farm, explore and quest in a laid-back world.

Celebrate Ramsgiving in Dauntless With Ram Armor, New Rewards, and the Permanent Gruk-Gruk Rumble

Dauntless is running Ramsgiving from tomorrow, November 23rd through the 30th. Be prepared to earn ram-themed loot, battle a horde of gruk-gruks, and more during the weeklong event.

Dauntless Update Revamps Cell System, Adds New Hunt Pass, and Preps for the Dark Harvest

The new update for Dauntless overhauls the cell system entirely, adds Banked XP options, new rewards, and more on the way to the Dark Harvest.

Dauntless Update Starts Bonuses and Sets Up October Events

The new Dauntless update fixes a few bugs, adopts some UI changes, and opens up the path to its October content by kicking off a few weeks of events starting tomorrow.