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Riot Talks Improving Performance in Valorant

Riot discusses performance in their latest Ask Valorant series in which they field questions from the Valorant community.

Outriders Issues Workaround for PC Stuttering

Outriders has been having a pretty rough launch on PC when it comes to stability and performance. The team behind the game, People Can Fly, have been working behind the scenes to alleviate some of these problem, and have today issued another update regarding the stuttering on PC.

Riot Responds to Community Concern Over Valorant's Framerate and Performance

Riot has taken to Reddit to answer the community's concern regarding performance in Valorant.

Watch Dogs Legion PC Tech Analysis

Watch Dogs Legion is the latest game from Ubisoft, and the first of two major Ubi titles to hit this holiday season. Featuring ray tracing and DLSS technologies, how does the PC version of the game hold up technically? This is our PC technical analysis of Watch Dogs Legion.

Performance Should Improve With The Latest Crowfall Patch

Crowfall received a new patch for its TEST build, with performance set to improve.

Camelot Unchained Looks Like It's Starting to Take Shape

The most recent community update from Camelot Unchained points to some progress as the game looks like it's starting to take shape.

ArenaNet Provides Update on Guild Wars 2 WvW Performance Testing

ArenaNet earlier provided an update on Guild Wars 2 WvW performance and map cap testing following an initial test last Friday.

Everquest Reducing Server Capacity To Combat Performance issues

In an update on their forums, the EverQuest team has announced some changes coming to the Aradune server.

Elder Scrolls Online Game Director Provides Update on Greymoor and Update 26 Launch

With the recent rocky launch of Greymoor, the latest chapter for Elder Scrolls Online, Game Director Matt Firor has posted a lengthy update addressing the issues and ongoing actions.

Crowfall Pushes New Version to Test Server Containing Performance Improvements

DOOM Eternal PC Graphics and Performance Impressions

It goes without saying DOOM Eternal deserves to be played on PC with a mouse and keyboard. This piece will take a look at how it runs on PC in a more general PC performance impressions. Just how well does DOOM Eternal run on PC? How many options are available to us PC gamers?

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