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Neverwinter Echoes of Prophecy Events Start in October

Neverwinter opens three months of Milestones in the new Echoes of Prophecy event starting in October.

Star Trek Online: Reflections Live Now - Brings the Mirror Universe, Lower Decks Content

Star Trek Online's latest big story update is Reflections, which brings the Mirror Universe into STO and includes some Lower Decks content too.

The Cult of the Dragon Return in Neverwinter's Free Battle Pass in October

Neverwinter has some surprises in store with the Jewel of the North module. Launching on October 1st, Cult of the Dragon returns and there will be a free battle pass included along with other goodies to earn and unlock during the ongoing, changing campaign.

Magic: Legends Impressions - How Does The Magic ARPG Hold Up In The Early Hours?

Magic: Legends launched in Open Beta earlier this week, and with it brings the card game's multiverse to the PC ARPG. We covered how the ARPG itself felt in a preview last week, but now that we have had a chance to go hands on ourselves in a live setting and check out the progression naturally for ourselves, how does the early hours of Cryptic's take on Magic: The Gathering fare?

Magic: Legends Preview - Planeswalking My Way Through The Multiverse

Taking an iconic IP like Magic:The Gathering and giving it new life in another medium is no easy task, but it's one that Cryptic Studios is currently undertaking with their ARPG Magic: Legends.  We sat down in a play session with the Magic: Legends team to check out the ARPG in action ahead of next week's beta test.

What Could Be Perfect World's Unannounced Game?

It looks like Perfect World, of Star Trek Online and Neverwinter fame, are hiring for an unannounced game. What could it be?

Star Trek Online's Perfect World Entertainment Announces 'Perfect World Level Up' Charity Initiative for the Youth

Perfect World Entertainment, the folks behind Star Trek Online, has announced the Perfect World Level Up charity initiative.

Neverwinter Interview: Talking Sharandar With Lead Designer Randy Mosiondz

On February 9th, the team from Cryptic Studios will release Sharandar, the latest module for their MMORPG Neverwinter. We sat down with Randy Mosiondz, Lead Designer for Neverwinter to learn about the return to the lands of the Iliyanbruen Elves and the struggles in New Sharandar.

Neverwinter - The Redeemed Citadel Interview

On October 13th, Neverwinter released the third Milestone in their ongoing Avernus campaign named The Redeemed Citadel. When Avernus released, the team over at Cryptic Studios sat down to talk with us about the expansion, and now that this new Milestone is available, in this exclusive interview, we had a chance to talk with the team about what players can expect out of the new three star Hunt Mark, and their brand new Heroic Challenge "Ensnared".