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Neverwinter Accidentally Releases Sharandar Masterwork on PC, Will Remain as Console Launch Planned for May

Neverwinter got an accidental early release of the new Sharandar Masterwork professions to the live server on PC, but it will remain available. Plus, a guide to Appointment Events is out, with the newest one live this week.

Neverwinter Brings Back the Chickens With April Fowls This Week

April Fowls is coming to Neverwinter this week, with some all new rewards like the Zombie Chicken mount, and a chance to play as the Ne-crow-mancer in PvP.

Star Trek Online Shadow's Advance Brings Janeway and more Mirror Universe Content to Consoles

Shadow's Advance, the new update for Star Trek Online brings Voyager's Janeway and Mirror Universe content to the game on console

Star Trek Online and Neverwinter Ending Support for DirectX 10 and Windows 7 As of Tomorrow

PC players of Star Trek Online or Neverwinter will have to be running DirectX 11 and a later version of Windows than 7 after today.

What Could Be Perfect World's Unannounced Game?

It looks like Perfect World, of Star Trek Online and Neverwinter fame, are hiring for an unannounced game. What could it be?

Magic: Legends Details Difficulty Ahead Of This Month's Beta

Magic: Legends hits open beta later this month, and the ARPG is trying to give Planeswalkers a glimpse into some of the challenges they will be facing when they can enter the Magic Multiverse.

Magic: Legends Explores The Multiverse, Highlighting Launch Locations For Upcoming ARPG

Magic: Legends pulled back the veil a bit on what players can expect at launch, giving something of a primer for the Multiverse seen in the ARPG based on the popular card game.

Star Trek Online: House Reborn is Now Available on PC

The latest season for Star Trek Online is now available for PC. Titled, House Reborn, the new season is the beginning of the finale of the epic Klingon War, and will feature two new episodes for players to enjoy.

Star Trek Online's House Shattered Update Now Available on PC - Headed to Console January 2021

If you've been playing Star Trek Online then you may be glad to hear that the newest season, House Shattered, is now available for PC players. Console players will receive the update on Xbox One and Playstation 4, January 12th, 2021.

Star Trek Online Adds Training Simulation of the Synth Attack on Mars

In an upcoming update, Star Trek Online players will get to relive, and learn from the infamous Synth attack on Mars through a Starfleet training simulation. Do you have what it takes to learn from history?

Magic: Legends Delayed Until Spring 2021

Announced earlier this year, Perfect World Entertainment's Magic: Legends was originally slated for a PC launch in 2020, with consoles coming later on down the road. However, as we learned today thanks to a development blog by EP Steven Ricossa, that won't be the case.

Magic: Legends Executive Producer Details Monetization In Upcoming ARPG

Magic: Legends has detailed its upcoming plans for monetization thanks to a lengthy post from Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa.

Torchlight III Highlights New Fort System In Video

Torchlight III might be a continuation of the ARPG gameplay everyone has come to love in the franchise, but that doesn't seem to be stopping Runic Games from adding new systems to the mix. In a new video, the team highlights their Fort system, giving a glimpse into making the world around you a little bit more to your liking.