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There's Something Awesome about Maegu (and a Criticism on Gear Progression)

Maegu released on Black Desert Online, and Lowry is a fan. Like, majorly so. Check out their thoughts, as well as some criticism on gear progression in BDO.

Black Desert Officially Unites Twins Maegu and Woosa on PC and Mobile, With Content Plans Ahead

Pearl Abyss has united Twin Class sisters Woosa and Maegu on Black Desert Online and Black Desert Mobile. Both sisters are now available to play, with some hints at future content to come.

Woosa and Maegu Each Expand to All Black Desert Platforms Next Week

Twin Class sisters Woosa and Maegu will expand to all Black Desert platforms next week. Maegu debuts in Black Desert Online on January 16th and Woosa will arrive in Black Desert Mobile on January 17th.

Black Desert Console Adds Helpful New Accessories, Rounds Out Woosa's Kit, and More

The latest Black Desert Console update introduces Cloud Accessories, which are designed to help newer players make easier progress. The update also adds content, round out newly added Woosa's kit, and much more.

Black Desert Online Updates Classes, Overhauls Drakania Awakening and Will End 32-Bit Support

The new season of Arena of Solare opens with Black Desert Online's latest update. The update also tweaks classes, including an overhaul to Drakania Awakening, and starts events. Pearl Abyss has also announced the coming end of support for 32-bit systems.

Black Desert Mobile Adds New Zone and Story Content, Plus New Bosses

The latest Black Desert Mobile update starts new events, adds new zones, a story update, a new field boss and more. 

Black Desert's Twins, Woosa and Maegu Debut Today on Different Platforms

Woosa and Maegu, the sisters debuting in Black Desert Online and Mobile, will each appear on different platforms, with Maegu only available on mobile until sometime in January, when both switch.  

Black Desert's Newly Announced Woosa Class Will Be Making The Jump To Mobile In January

Last weekend, Pearl Abyss pulled the veil back on its Twin Classes, the Woosa and Maegu, coming to Black Desert PC and Mobile respectively this month. While we heard that the Maegu is coming to PC in January, Pearl Abyss have confirmed to MMORPG that the Woosa will be jumping to mobile in January as well.

Black Desert Calpheon Ball 2022 Recap: Calpheon Ball Thoughts, Reactions And Coupon Codes!

This past weekend, Pearl Abyss held its first ever North American Calpheon Ball. The event saw new classes revealed, a new region, and much more. We had a highlight piece over the weekend, but Lowry is here with all the coupon codes, quality of life changes and more announced during the event!

Black Desert Console Reworks Agris Fever, and Preps Rewarding Season Graduation

The latest update for Black Desert Console changes the Agris Fever feature, opens the Autumn Graduation Season, and continues with a number of improvements and fixes.

Black Desert Online Adds Third Atoraxxion Dungeon, Yolunakea, and Solo 'Story Mode' for Previous Two

Today, Black Desert Online added its third Atoraxxion co-op dungeon, Yolunakea, to continue the storyline. Pearl Abyss also added solo "story mode" options for the previous Atoraxxion dungeons in the update.

Black Desert Mobile Adds New Memory Type to Improve Drop Chances and Opens Five Events

The latest update for Black Desert Mobile is here, adding a new grade of Memories, beginning several events, including a server quest collective event, and some additional improvements. 

Black Desert Mobile Opens Season 10 of Path of Glory and Adds New Fairy Options and Events

Season 10 of Path of Glory begins with Black Desert Mobile's latest update. The update also brings some new progression options, fairy outfits you can get buffs from, and a slate of events.

Black Desert Closes Halloween Events Early After South Korean Tragedy

News broke over the weekend of a terrible tragedy at a Halloween celebration in South Korea. In a show of solidarity, South Korean developer Pearl Abyss has decidedly ended the Halloween events that were meant to run through early November.

Black Desert Online Adds Abyss One: The Magnus, an Alternate Realm With New Content and Challenges

Abyss One: The Magnus has opened a gateway to a new realm in Black Desert Online. The new update opens up this new place, with challenges, story content, and more unattached to time and space and simply just there to keep visiting.