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Black Desert Mobile's Fairies and Magical Creatures Update is Live With a New Fairy Companion

The new Fairies and Magical Creatures update for Black Desert Mobile is live, and it brings a fairy companion, the ability to build a fairy house to raise it, as well as new events, and quests.

Black Desert Online Reaches 50 Million Registered Accounts, Steam Free Week Starts Today

Pearl Abyss is celebrating 50 million Black Desert Online player registrations since the game's launch, alongside Pearl Abyss' own 12th anniversary. There are ongoing events, and a Steam free play week beginning today.

Set Sail With the Buccaneer and Her Loyal Otters in Black Desert Mobile's New Update

Today, Black Desert Mobile gets the new Buccaneer class, which arrives Awakened. The update also adds  some events to support her arrival, some featuring her loyal otters, the Slippery Scallywags.

Black Desert Online Launches First Season Of Its Arena Of Solare, Kicking Off Ranked 3v3 PvP Showdowns

Black Desert Online's Arena of Solare is seeing its first season, pitting teams of three against each other in PvP action. The new arena's season brings log-in rewards, as well as prizes to win in the arena itself.

Black Desert Online Improves Summer Beach Events, Tweaks Classes, and Overhauls the Night Marker

The latest Black Desert Online update improves the recently added summer beach events, fixes issues with several classes, lets players get crafting materials from green grade boxes, and additional quality of life changes.

Black Desert Online Opens Summer Events, Including 30v30 Team Deathmatch, Sand Castle Shore-Down

It's summer and Black Desert Online is opening some fun and competitive events to let you get rewarded by the beach, including Sand Castle Shore-Down, a 30v30 team deathmatch mode.

Drakania Awakening Arrives to Unleash the Power of Dragons in Black Desert Online and Console

It's time to unlease wind and dragon flame as Drakania Awakening arrives today in Black Desert. In a first, players on PC and console get the update on the same day.

Black Desert Online Adds Convenient Item Search Feature, Revamps the Hashashin, and Adds New Quests

This week's Black Desert Online update revamps the Hashashin class, adds an item search feature, adds quest content, and fixes.

Unleash the Power of the Dragons When Awakening Drakania Comes to Black Desert Online on July 27th

Drakania Awakening is coming on July 27th to Black Desert Online. This version of Drakania has two forms to switch between, with Dragonblood form ready to unleash her full destructive power on enemies.

Black Desert Online Takes Us to Paradise Lost, Revamps Maewha Class, and Adds Some Quality of Life Fixes

Black Desert Online is taking us to Paradise Lost. The latest update has also revamped the barter system, made some balance changes, and continued work on UI and text improvements.

Pearl Abyss' Shadow Arena Shuttering This August

Pearl Abyss' arena combat game, Shadow Arena, will be shuttering later this summer according to the developer. The Black Desert-inspired combat game struggled to really gain a footing, with the Pearl Abyss team calling the title "inadequate."

Black Desert Mobile Gets the Drakania Class, Events, And a New Spot for Easier Monster Knowledge

The Drakania class, descendant of the dragons, has been added to the Black Desert Mobile roster. The update also begins several events supporting the class and more changes.

Black Desert Online Adds New Alpha Pet System, Tweaks Gear-Equalized PvP, and Makes Using Blacksmith Easier

The update for Black Desert Online adds tier 5 pets and Alpha Pets, efficiency improvements to the blacksmith, new musical instruments, some balance changes, and tweaks to Arena of Solare.

Black Desert Online Adds First 3v3 Gear-Equalized PvP Mode, Arena of Solare

Black Desert Online's latest update adds its first 3v3 PvP arena, Arena of Solare, along with a corresponding event and preseason, and a special new tool bag for gathering.

Black Desert Online Adds Private Monster Zones, Rebalances Rewards to Broaden PvE Options

Black Desert Online is introducing private monster zones and improving monster zone rewards in its latest update in an effort to improve PvE content.