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Chain Combos, Stun Enemies, and Strike With Black Desert Mobile's New Askeia Class

Black Desert Mobile adds the Askeia class in today's update. With her fast-paced martial essence-based combat, the latest class offers a calculated new way to keep enemies on the defensive and secure victory.

Black Desert Online North American Server Move Gets Extra Downtime

Black Desert Online will get its previously-announced relocation of the North American servers this week, and Pearl Abyss is warning about the extended downtime to come.

Black Desert Online Adds Trial of Erethea, the Deboreka Ring, and Improves Monster Zones and Experience

Black Desert Online has added the Deboreka Ring in its latest update, obtainable through the new Trial of Erethea. This week's update also offers one season character ticket to everyone, monster changes, updates to the City of the Dead, and more improvements. 

Pearl Abyss Q1 2024: Crimson Desert Development 'In Last Stages,' Will Have Demo At Gamescom 2024

Pearl Abyss held their Q1 2024 earnings call today, and in addition to announcing all its financials from the first quarter of the year, the Korean developer also gave an update on two of its most hotly anticipated titles to come.

Black Desert Online Will Move NA Servers For Better Performance, Adds North Kamasylvia to Mobile

Black Desert Online is moving--its North American servers, that is. Pearl Abyss announced the server relocation back at the Calpheon Ball back in 2022, but it will finally happen this month. Black Desert Mobile also got a significant update, adding the region of North Kamasylvia.

Black Desert Mobile Adds More Bosses and New Tales to Land of the Morning Light

More Tales and new bosses arrive for Black Desert Mobile's Land of the Morning Light expansion. There's also a Black Shrine practice mode, and a new guild event.

Black Desert Online Stirs Up Rewarding Events, Improves Item Improvements, and Responds to Community Feedback

Black Desert Online's latest update expands music again, improves item copy and weapon exchange, and announces the old menus can stay.

Black Desert Online Now Counts Life Skill XP Across a Family, Reducing Grind

Black Desert Online's latest update introduces Family-based life skills, which now lets each character in a family benefit and reduces grind.  

Black Desert Online Adds the Ancient Anvil, Offering a Guaranteed Enhancement if You Fail Enough Times

Black Desert Online has formally introduced the Ancient Anvil, a new gear enhancement system that will give you another shot at guaranteed enhancement should you fail in prior attempts.

Black Desert Online: J's Hammer of Precision and the Implications of it All

Enhancing in Black Desert Online is a mixed bag, but Pearl Abyss' release of J's Hammer of Precision has helped alleviate those fears of failure. Lowry takes a look at the tool and what it means for new and old players alike.

Pearl Abyss Adds New Enhancement Pity System to Black Desert Online

Pearl Abyss has added a long overdue enhancement pity system to Black Desert Online via an update that adds the "Ancient Anvil" system.  

Black Desert Mobile Campaign Will Refund Your Black Pearls, Offer Fresh Start Boosted Progression Server

Black Desert Mobile has a special new campaign aimed at players who haven't been around in a while, with a fresh server, 100% Black Pearl return, and improvements for all players.

Black Desert Gives New Dev Update on Class Balance and Peeks at Land of the Morning Light: Seoul Expansion

Pearl Abyss is giving us a peek into the future, with a new Black Desert Online dev commentary video, on upcoming changes and a peek at the next expansion, Land of the Morning Light: Seoul.

Black Desert Mobile Previews Drakania Awakening, Who Glides on Dragon Wings and Strikes Hard and Fast

Black Desert Mobile is previewing its next upcoming class, Letanas. She can use her dragon wings, change forms, glide around in the air, and attack in a quick descent.

Interview: Celebrating 8 Years Of Black Desert Bringing Adventurers Together

Black Desert players recently gathered in Hollywood to celebrate 8 years of the MMO in the West. During the event, we spoke to three players who shared their experiences in the MMO and what keeps them coming back for more.