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Black Desert Online Event Rewards New & Returning Players

If you haven't logged into Black Desert Online for a while, or if you're new to the game, there's an event going on right now that rewards both new players and returning players who haven't logged in for a while.

Pearl Abyss Talks DokeV's Multiplayer Elements, Island Size In New Interview

DokeV made an appearance at gamescom's Opening Night Live, and it made more than a few fans with its cute - yet hauntingly realistic visuals, as well as confusion around whether it was an MMORPG or not. 

Black Desert Console Roadmap for the Rest of 2021 is Packed!

There's a brand new update from Black Desert's Je-seok Jang, the Head of Black Desert Game Design laying out an extensive roadmap for what to expect for the console version of the game during the rest of 2021. 

Black Desert Mobile Welcomes New Mystic Class While Pearl Abyss Celebrates 11 Years

There is no doubt that Black Desert Mobile is one of the hottest and most popular mobile MMORPGs on the market today. In line with increasing its popularity, another highly sought after class from Black Desert Online is finally heading to the mobile game, the Mystic.

Black Desert Online Revamps Conquest War Performance

Black Desert Online is revamping Conquest War with upscaled graphics and new updates based on community feedback. The new update also sets things up for a couple of other events this month aside from the popular territory battles.

DokeV Gets A New Gameplay Trailer, Complete With KPop, Creatures And More

Today during Gamescoms Opening Night Live, Pearl Abyss showed off a long stretch of its upcoming creature collecting online game, DokeV. The new trailer shows long stretches of gameplay, from snowy mountains to a large, urban city.

Black Desert Mobile Puts Combat on Display for New Class Lahn and Crimson Lily

Black Desert Mobile players looking for their next class may find it in the Lahn and Crimson Lily. The Lahn utilizes a crescent pendulum as her primary weapon, as shown in the character reveal video. The Crimson Lily utilizes twin swords for fast paced combat.

Black Desert's Pearl Abyss Is Building a New Art Center Housing a New Motion Capture Studio

So it looks like Black Desert's Pearl Abyss is building a new art center of sorts which will house a 1000 square foot motion capture studio.

Black Desert's Corsair Class Sails Onto MMO Today

Black Desert's latest class, the pirate-y Corsair, sees it make the MMO's shores today, releasing on both PC and the console versions.

New Black Desert Online Video Shows Off Corsair's Combat And Combos Ahead Of Tomorrow's Launch

A new video by the Black Desert team shows off the combat and basic skills of its upcoming class, the Corsair. The video breaks down the different attacks and their button inputs, as well as some basic combos to get players on their way to mastering the new class.

Black Desert Gets A New Class Next Week Whilst Atoraxxion Opens Its First Part July 21st

It's a busy time for Pearl Abyss' Black Desert as over the weekend the team showed off their next class coming to the MMO, the pirate Corsair. The team also revealed when the first part of Atoraxxion drops, coming on July 21st.

Black Desert Online And Bugatti Collaboration Sees Your Mount Rock Hypercar Gear

In a crossover I'm not sure anyone saw coming, Pearl Abyss' MMORPG Black Desert will be getting a little faster thanks to a crossover event with hypercar maker Bugatti. If you've ever wanted to ride a horse decked out like a Bugatti Chiron - or just sport the car logo on a magnificent cape, now you can.

Black Desert Console Is Hosting A Boat-Building Event, Live Through May 25th

One normally doesn't think sailing a large masted ship when you first start picturing Black Desert in your mind's eye, yet the current event going on with the console version of the MMORPG is changing that.

A Year In, How MMO Developers Maintained Their Game Worlds During The Global Pandemic

We're a year into this pandemic now and the gaming industry has been affected in ways that it likely will see it changed forever. However, maintaining an MMO, something that is always expected to be online and polished, is tricky from an office, even moreso from home. We spoke to multiple MMO studios about the experience and talked about the changes the pandemic forced on the studios themselves.

Black Desert's Sage Class Has Arrived On Console Today

For Black Desert console fans, the wait is over. The Sage class has now launched on the console versions of the MMO, bringing the power of the caster to Xbox and PlayStation users.