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PAX West 2022: System Shock's Remake Is A Faithful, Modern Take On An Industry Classic

For many older gamers out there, System Shock adorns the shelf with some of our most hallowed gaming experiences. The immersive sim genre saw its inception with this title, and the team at Nightdive are aiming to bring it to a new audience, with some modern quality of life touches.

PAX West 2022: Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition Brings Chaotic Multiplayer 90s-era Shooter To New Generation

One of the most enduring genres of gaming is the first person shooter, and one of the original 90s shooters that was ground breaking in many ways is getting a new edition with some modern twists. Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition is coming, made by the developers behind popular retro inspired FPS titles, New Blood.

PAX West 2022: Galahad 3093 Is A Chaotic Spiritual Successor To 1993 Online Game CyberStrike

Galahad 3093, developed by Simutronics, puts players into the roles of the Knights of the Round Table...sort of. This time, instead of riding great steeds into battle, they board giant mechs, called Lances, to duke it out with their enemies. The spiritual successor to 1993's online game CyberStrike, Simutronics aims to recreate those fast paced mech battles they were known for back in the day.

PAX West 2022: LUCID Is An Upcoming Platformer That Is Inspired By 90s Gameplay Nostalgia

During PAX West this year, Bradford checked out an upcoming adventure platformer that any 90s gaming fan should come to enjoy, LUCID.