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Path of Exile: Necropolis is Here, With Haunted Monsters to Slay, Manipulate, and Use to Make New and Unique Items

Path of Exile's latest expansion, Necropolis, released on Friday, bringing haunted monsters, new and Unique items, exorcisms to craft new items, and more in the ARPG.

Path of Exile Was 'One Issue Away' From Steam Deck Verification

Ever wondered why Path of Exile isn't exactly Steam Deck Verified? Well, according to Grinding Gear Games, it was pretty close to getting there if for not one pesky issue: getting a Steam Deck.

MMORPG.com Game Of The Year Awards 2023

The time has finally come - we revealed our Player's Choice winners last week, now check out our staff picks for this year's MMORPG.com Game of the Year Awards.

Path of Exile Affliction Brings New Challenge League, Ascendancy Classes To ARPG Next Week

Path of Exile Affliction is the next expansion for the long-running, free-to-play ARPG. The new expansion brings its eponymous challenge league, as well as new Ascendancy classes, rewards, and much more when it launches on PC next week.

Path of Exile Confirms The Future of Crucible As the Season Draws to a Close

Now that ExileCon is behind us, and Path of Exile's next expansion, Trial of the Ancestors, is coming in a few weeks, the team is answering some questions about the future of Crucible items and more.

ExileCon 2023: Path Of Exile's Trial Of The Ancestors Coming In August

Path of Exile's upcoming expansion, Trial of the Ancestors, was shown off during yesterday's ExileCon 2023 keynote.

ExileCon 2023 - The Future Of Path Of Exile Is Unveiled Today At 3pm PT

ExileCon 2023 is coming up in a few hours, with the event streaming from Grinding Gear Games' hometown of Auckland, New Zealand. With teases that Path of Exile 2 will be shown during the event, as well as information on the patch 3.22 for Path of Exile 1.

Grinding Gear Games Reveals Path Of Exile Twitch Drops Ahead Of Next Week's ExileCon

ExileCon 2023 is right around the corner, and Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games is setting the stage for its major event. For those unable to attend in person, GGG doesn't want you left out, and the team has announced the Twitch Drops you can earn from watching the show.

Grinding Gear Games Bringing Playable Path of Exile 2 Demo to PAX West

If getting to Germany for Gamescom is too far,Grinding Gear Games will have a playable Path of Exile 2 demo at PAX West.

Path of Exile Shares a Trove of Wraeclast Lore Resources, Including Behind the Scenes Deep Dives

Get lost in a trove of newly shared Path of Exilelore documents, including a dev talk on storytelling, how they add new content to existing storylines, timelines, creating League lore, and more.

Path of Exile: Crucible is Now Live on Console

Path of Exile has launched its new Crucible expansion content on all platforms, with today's release on consoles.

Path of Exile: Crucible Launches Today on PC

It's launch day for Path of Exile PC players looking to jump into the latest expansion content, Crucible.

Path of Exile Reveals 3.21 Expansion Name and Sets Full Reveal Stream for Later This Month

Grinding Gear Games has revealed the next expansion title. Crucible will be out on April 7th for PC and Mac, and release for consoles on April 12th. 

Path of Exile Holds Asynchronous Friendly Fire Group SSF Event, Expansion Name Coming This Week

Path of Exile's next expansion title is set to be revealed this week, but first, the first-ever Asynchronous Group SSF event is live.

Path of Exile - The Re-Review

Path of Exile, Grinding Gear Games' free-to-play MMOARPG is pushing ten years old this year. We took the ARPG for a spin, re-review style to see if, ten years on, it still holds up and provides a truly great ARPG experience.