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These Are the Patch Notes for Guild Wars 2's 'Power' Update

With the Power update for Guild Wars 2 live, here are the patch notes coinciding with that update which bring tweaks for items and more.

Mortal Online II Releases Latest Beta Patch Notes

In the latest beta patch notes for Mortal Online II, Star Vault updates their engine, added plenty of QoL features, and fixed DLSS. However, the team has acknowledged an excessive number of crashes due to the engine upgrade.

Crowfall's Latest TEST Patch Brings Fixes for the Campaign

The newest TEST patch notes are here for Crowfall bringing about some changes and fixes to the campaign and more.

Crowfall Test Patch Adjusts Powers and Disciplines

The latest Crowfall test patch is here and brings further changes to powers and disciplines.

Guild Wars 2 Patch Addresses Living World Issue, Profession Skills

The latest release notes for Guild Wars 2 are here and cover off a host of topics from Living World to Profession Skills.

Discover Reekwater in New World's November Alpha Update

New World has seen a new update for its November alpha which adds a new zone, Reekwater.

Crowfall Q&A Touches on Update 6.3, New Patch Notes Out

A recent Crowfall Q&A live stream touched on update 6.3 and more, while new patch notes released.

Crowfall ACE Q&A Live Stream Today, Plus New Test Patch Notes

A new Q&A live stream for Crowfall is scheduled for later this morning at 12p ET, while some new patch notes dropped.

Baldur's Gate Patch 2 Brings Several Changes to Cinematics, General Fixes

Patch 2 for Baldur's Gate 3 has hit steam, bringing improvements to cinematics and a host of fixes.

Wurm Online Patch Brings Several PvP Changes

Several PvP changes were outlined in a recent Wurm Online patch. Here are some highlights.

Path of Exile Patch 3.12.4b Provides Quality of Life Changes

Path of Exile patch notes for 3.12.4b are here and provide a bunch of fixes along with some quality of life improvements.

Larian Studios Provides Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 1 Notes and Stats

Larian Studios has issued Patch 1 for Baldur's Gate 3 which went into Early Access last week. Here's what's in store.

Path of Exile Outlines Improvements Coming to Heist and Alternate Gem Quality

Grinding Gear Games continues to remain busy as they outline the preview for Path of Exile patch 3.12.4 which is set to bring several improvements to Heist and alternate quality gem.

Path of Exile Heist Monsters No Longer Use Skills Through Closed Doors

Patch notes 3.12.3c for Path of Exile's Heist League are now available, fixing up a bunch of issues including one which monsters could use their skills through closed doors.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.0 Has Released

Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.0 is here along with some pretty extensive patch notes covering off new features along with known issues.