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Overwatch 2 Season 9 Reveals New Mythic Moira Skin, Ranked Rework and More

Overwatch 2 Season 9 is titled Champions, and with it comes some really cool-looking things. 

Blizzard Announces the Overwatch Champion Series as the Future of Overwatch Esports

Blizzard released a new blog update this week outlining the future of Overwatch esports following last year's discontinuation of the Overwatch League.

Overwatch 2 Devs Double Back on Original Healing Changes Announcement

The developers of Overwatch 2 received heavy backlash after revealing there were new healing changes coming to the FPS without providing much context.

Overwatch 2 Devs Discusses Changes Coming To The Game 

The latest event to come to Overwatch 2 launched this weekend only, where players got a taste of fast paced matches that upped the ante for new and old players alike.

Overwatch 2 Quick Play: Hacked Event Arrives This Weekend Only

Sombra is hacking the mainframe and changing the game in this limited-time weekend event in Overwatch 2. With the Quick Play: Hacked event, players will enjoy fast-paced and intense matches all weekend long. 

Overwatch 2 Hero Mastery Courses Aim To Help You Get Better

Overwatch 2's newest feature aims to get you to improve with your favorite heroes, with its new Hero Mastery course taking root. The new single-player mode kicks off this week, starting with Lucio.

Mike Ybarra Shares Milestones from a Huge 2023 and a Look Ahead to 2024 in Blizzard Year in Review

Blizzard President Mike Ybarra is sharing a look back at 2023, sharing milestones from a big year, and previewing what's ahead in 2024 for WoW, Overwatch 2, Diablo, and more.

Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland Event Brings Holiday Cheer and Yeti Hunting, Starts Today

'Tis the season to be an Overwatch 2 player, as the latest Winter Wonderland event will soon be underway! This latest event brings not only fun new arcade games but also loot boxes filled to the brim with items sure to bring the holiday spirit to the players. 

Blizzard Announces New Heroes & Game Mode for Overwatch 2

Three new heroes and a new PvP game mode for Overwatch 2 were announced at this year's BlizzCon.

BlizzCon 2023: What Does Blizzard Need To Annouce To Excite You This Weekend?

It's no secret that buzz around Blizzard has waned in recent years. However, with the first BlizzCon set to happen in person since before the Pandemic, there just might be something that sends a spark through the community once again.

Overwatch 2's Review Bombing Controversy: How Much of it is Justified?

Overwatch is one of the past decade's most successful video game releases, yet its sequel is mired in controversy. Recent review bombing on Steam begs the question: is the hate all justified?

Could Overwatch Succeed as an MMORPG?

From the ashes of the canned MMO Project Titan, Blizzard's PvP hero shooter Overwatch has captivated audiences since its initial launch. However, the biggest what if that surrounds the game is whether it could have worked as an MMO.

Blizzard Bringing Some Games to Steam, With Overwatch 2 First Up on August 10th

Blizzard has announced that some of their games will be coming to Steam, with the first, Overwatch 2, launching on August 10th. 

Overwatch 2 Director Apologizes, Explains What Led To Hero Mode's Cancelation

Overwatch 2 Director Aaron Keller took to the official Overwatch blog to apologize for - and explain why - the promised PvE Hero Mode in the hero shooter was canceled.

Overwatch 2 Is Dropping Its PvE Hero Mode

Overwatch 2 was announced in 2019 and alongside it was a much-wanted PvE mode for the hero shooter. Now, less than a year since it was launched, that PvE mode has been canceled.