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Opinion: For God's sake, don't make an MMO for your first indie game - Part 1

Philip looks at the indie MMO scene, in the first part of his series talking about building an MMO as your first game. In this somewhat tongue-in-cheek piece, he explains why an MMO probably shouldn't be your studio's first title.

Opinion: Palia - What They Say, What They Deliver - A Look At Monetization

Palia's attempts to take the cozy game genre and turn it into an MMO have potential but also some very noticeable missteps. It's still in beta, so there's plenty of time and room for growth.

New World's Faction Goals Have The Chance To Make MMO's Social Again

New World's faction goals have the chance to make MMO's social again, if Syndicate chat was anything to go by for Bradford during the last beta.

I'm Really Not Getting Into Crowfall's Combat And Animations Are The Reason Why

Bradford was finally able to get some Crowfall behind him, and first impressions aren't all that rosy. While the game itself looks good with an interesting art style, the combat is feeling somewhat lacking for Bradford, and he thinks he has a good idea why.

All Together Now - Promoting Group In MMOs

Niklas dives into the idea of grouping and how integral it is to online world design in MMOs, looking back on the genre's history, as well as some of the games that are defining its future.

Opinion: Sometimes The 'Massively Multiplayer' Can Get In The Way Of The RPG

Bradford loves MMORPGs. However, there are occassions where the "massively multiplayer" can get in the way of the RPG aspects of a game, such as a recent experience in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Catch Up in Caledonia: How Dark Age of Camelot Took Back from the Freeshards

Freeshards have long drawn the population away from the Dark Age of Camelot live servers. Now the venerable MMO is striking back by borrowing from the freeshard's most popular PvP leveling event.

Opinion: Launch Hype - Looking At Consumers And Developers Alike

Mitch explores launch hype, especially as it pertains to himself and other consumers of games, and the role played by consumers in mitigating hype in the long run.

Fortnite Follies: How The Allure Of Epic's Hit Was Too Much To Pass Up

Jason has been playing Fortnite, a game that while he first played it back in 2018, didn't really grip him. Now, though, the recent Mandalorian season sunk its Battle Royale teeth in him. Jason breaks down why he thinks that is, and some thoughts on the global hit in general.

Opinion: EverQuest Truly Is My Greatest MMORPG Of All Time

Jonathan breaks down why he feels EverQuest is the original GOAT of MMORPGs, at least for him.

Red's Read on Take-Two

Red Thomas gives his read on the Take-Two situation regarding the development of Kerbal Space Program 2 as reported by Bloomberg in June. Bloomberg's reporter likely got a few things wrong and Red levies his experience as a business owner and having been subcontracted on a number of occasions to provide some perspective.

OPINION: Why The Last of Us Part 2 Collapsed [Spoilers]

The Last of Us Part 2 is a divisive game. Shank takes a spoiler-filled deep dive into how the game's utterly brilliant first half is completely undone by its second half.