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MultiVersus Season 1 Confirmed To Be Released August 15th, Morty Releasing August 23rd

MultiVersus has seen some smashing success since launching into open beta last month, and the team at Player First Games is gearing up for its first major update since that initial launch. Season 1, after a short delay, will be coming to players on August 15th.

Not So MMO: Space Punks Open Beta Developer Interview

Space Punks just dropped the news that this vibrant online looter shooter is about to plunge into open beta, and on 20 April, players will be able to enter the void and try out Flying Wild Hog's latest adventure. We sat down with Lead Game Designer Bartek Schweiger to talk about the open beta and the latest online looter shooter.

New World's Open Beta: Will PvE Longevity Be An Issue?

New World's open beta kicks off today, and the new MMO from Amazon still has me asking questions. While Bradford enjoyed he time in New world in late July during its closed beta, going so far as to say he feels it is one of the most social MMOs to be launching to date in a previous editorial, he does wonder about its longevity, mostly due to its content.

New World Open Beta: Here's How (And When) You Can Access Tomorrow's Test

New world's Open Beta is nearly upon us, and the team at Amazon Game Studios released some instructions on how to access the test ahead of tomorrow's onslaught of players charging into Aeternum.

Riders Republic Open Beta Running Now Through August 28th

Ubisoft's massively multiplayer sports title, Riders Republic, has opened its beta up to all players on multiple platforms, running starting today through August 28th.

New World Is Holding An Open Beta Ahead Of Launch, Coming September 9th

Opening Aeternum to the public, New World will be hosting a new beta ahead of its September 28th launch. The open beta itself will run from September 9th through the 12th.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Open Beta Starts Today

The open beta for Diablo 2 Resurrected begins today at 10a PDT. Here are the details.

Diablo II: Resurrected Open Beta Detailed, Early Access Starting August 13th

Diablo II: Resurrected is gearing up for its upcoming release, and the ARPG will be hosting two tests this month, starting with its Early Access weekend coming on August 13th.

Elteria Adventures Public Test Now Live

The open playtest for Elteria Adventures is now live. If you're looking to jump in and check it out, here are the details you'll need to know.

Magic: Legends Is Hosting A World Enchantment Weekend Event Starting May 6th

Maro's Monkey Business is an upcoming weekend event for Magic: Legends, starting on May 6th and running through May 10th.

Magic: Legends Talks Quality Of Life Changes, End Game And More In Latest Patch

Magic: Legends has had an interesting month since hitting Open Beta in late March. Since launch they have taken player feedback and tweaked aspects of their ARPG, including changing up the pace of the early game in April's mid-month patch. The team at Cryptic has launched a new update today, and took some time to mention the end-game of Legends.

Magic: Legends Released Its Mid-April Update And Takes Stock Of The State Of The Open Beta

Magic: Legends released their large mid-April update this week, bringing over 500 fixes to the ARPG since it launched in Open Beta last month. Executive Producer Steven Ricossa took to the blog to talk about what is still coming for the ARPG in the future, including more performance fixes.

FFXIV's PS5 Open Beta Starts Today As Patch 5.5 Drops On PlayStation And PC

Patch 5.5 of Final Fantasy 14 has released and with it comes the anticipated PlayStation 5 release of the MMORPG. Those who upgrade will be treated to faster loading times, higher framerates and more.

Magic: Legends Talks Week 3 Of The ARPG's Open Beta Looking Ahead To Future Update

In the third week (and as many State of the Game posts) of the Magic: Legends open beta, executive producer Steve Ricossa talks about the changes coming in its mid-April update.

Riot's League Of Legends Wild Rift Might Just Get Me Into Summoner's Rift Again

League of Legends brings its MOBA formula to the mobile device in North America this week, and with it much of Bradford's free time. Check out his initial thoughts from a weekend in Summoner's Rift.