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Old School RuneScape Expanding Varlamore, Bringing Back When Guthix Sleeps, and More in 2024 Roadmap

 Old School RuneScape's 2024 roadmap is here, following the recent Winter Summit. The team has a lot on the way, with Varlamore opening up in March, a revamped Defender of Varrock and While Guthix Sleeps,  updates on sailing, Wilderness, and more

Jack Frost and Loads of Rewards Return, Along With New Fun to Discover in Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape is all in on the holiday spirit, with the beginning of the 2023 Christmas event and need to know info on Leagues, and gifts during the holiday period.

The Old School RuneScape Community Helps Player Get Back Powerful Item Thanks To Some Unhinged Advice

The Old School RuneScape community continues to prove just how chaotic it can be thanks to a recent Reddit thread where a player sought advice on how to reclaim a stolen item.

Old School RuneScape Has Its First-Ever Maxed Group Ironman Team, Right Before Second Anniversary

Old School RuneScape has its very first maxed Group Ironman team, hitting the mark just days before the mode hit its second anniversary.

Desert Treasure II: The Fallen Empire is Old School RuneScape's Biggest Quest to Date

Desert Treasure II: The Fallen Empire is now live in Old School RuneScape. After the team revealed back in December that Desert Treasure would continue in a big way this year, the new quest-the biggest to date-is here.

Old School RuneScape Launches First Half of Forestry Update, With Woodcutting Improvements, and Events

Expanding greatly on Woodcutting, Old School RuneScape has launched the first half of the Forestry update. Expect new items, trees, ways to share resources,tackle events, and skill up.

Old School RuneScape Shelves The Ruinous Powers After Beta Testing

The Ruinous Powers have been shelved in Old School RuneScape.Proposed as the game's first-ever new Prayer, proposals were split and the team cut a beta test short as things just weren't working out.

Old School RuneScape Details Earning Sailing XP in a Refinement Process Update

Old School RuneScape is working on its first-ever new skill, Sailing, and has an update today about how the refinement process is going.

Forestry Part One Going Live in Old School RuneScape on June 28th

After scrapping the Forestry Beta, the Old School RuneScape team is back with a Q&A stream and a release date for part 1 of the update - June 28th.

Old School RuneScape Plans, Then Postpones, Forestry Open Beta 'Indefinitely'

Yesterday, Old School RuneScape was set to begin a beta for the upcoming Forestry expansion content, but the team has postponed it indefinitely and is planning alternate previews.

Old School RuneScape Brings Back A More Newbie-Friendly Bounty Hunter

Old School RuneScape is bringing back Bounty Hunter today, in a reimagined version of the classic mode to dominate in PvP in the Wilderness.

Old School RuneScape's Skill Poll Gets Over 178,000 Votes, and a Very Close Result

The recent skill pitch polling in Old School RuneScape is done, and the first-ever new skill has been determined by a very close vote, with a surprising outcome for the runner-up.

Old School RuneScape Begins New Skill Polling and Opens the Easter Event

Old School RuneScape  has opened up its skill poll that will let the community weigh in on the direction the team should take in elaborating upon a concept for the very first new skill. This week also begins the 2023 Easter event.

Old School RuneScape Community to Vote on Three Proposals for a Brand New Skill

Next week, Old School RuneScape will hold a vote between three candidates to possibly be refined into a new skill. The team has answers to community questions and what to expect.

Old School RuneScape Updates Polling on New Prayer Options, and Bounty Hunter Rewards

The Old School RuneScape team is still refining its community polling over what its first new Prayer, the Ruinous Powers, will be when it's released. They've also continued asking the community how to improve Bounty Hunter rewards.