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Old School RuneScape Team Shares Details Behind Deadman Reborn Finals Network Issues

Following network interruptions during the Deadman Reborn Finals over the weekend, the Old School RuneScape team have shared details on what they've learned so far.

Old School RuneScape Adds Much Anticipated Clan Support Today

Old School RuneScape now supports clans officially, and as a result there was much rejoicing. A feature long wanted by the community, the official support rolls out from Jagex today as part of the Clans update, which gives support for new and existing clans alike.

Old School RuneScape's A Kingdom Divided Arrives in June

A Kingdom Divided is heading to Old School RuneScape next month in June bringing with it the next chapter in the Kourend storyline.

Old School RuneScape Outlines Two New Theatre of Blood Modes

The staying power of Old School RuneScape continues with the team recently outlining two new modes coming to the Theatre of Blood. These two modes are the Story Mode and Hard Mode for players from both spectrums (theoretically) satisfied.

Jagex Talks Equipment Rebalance For OSRS As The Spring Festival Comes To RuneScape

It's been a while since we've heard anything about the equipment rebalance in Old School RuneScape, and with good reason. March has plagued Jagex with a login lockout that has seen many of the MMORPG's players unable to log in and, well, play. However, the team took some time today to update fans on the rebalance efforts in the Old School version of the MMORPG.

CEO Addresses Login Issue for RuneScape 'Everyone at Jagex is Taking This Incredibly Seriously'

The ongoing login lockout problem that RuneScape has been dealing with warranted a live stream earlier today, where a number of JMods, that included the Executive Producer Ryan Ward, Community Manager Liam Ashley, and CEO Philip Mansell, addressed the communities' concerns.

Celebrate Old School RuneScape's 8th Birthday This Month

Old School RuneScape turns eight later this month, and you can celebrate too.

Old School Runescape Postpones Equipment Rebalance

In a recent update, the Old School Runescape team communicated that the equipment rebalance has been postponed.

RuneScape Adds Valentine's Quest This Week As Old School Version Continues Equipment Balance Plans

RuneScape is having a busy week already, and it's only Monday. Its main version is launching a new Valentine's Day-themed quest, while Old School RuneScape is still working through feedback to its proposed equipment balance changes.

Jagex CEO Discusses Carlyle Group Acquisition And Future of RuneScape Studio In New Interview

In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, Jagex CEO Phil Mansell discusses the recent acquisition of the RuneScape developer, and how he views the acquisition by The Carlyle Group affects the team long-term.

RuneScape Receiving Player Avatar Refresh

There's a new player avatar refresh on the horizon for RuneScape with the team sharing details in a new content showcase.

Old School RuneScape Is Coming To Steam In February

Fresh off the news that Jagex, the company behind RuneScape was bought by The Carlyle Group, the Old School variant of the MMORPG is coming to Steam this year. The Steam version of Old School RuneScape is planned for a February 24th release on the platform.

Old School RuneScape's Getting Ahead Update Now Live

Old School RuneScape keeps trucking along with their latest update called Getting Ahead.

Old School RuneScape Golden Gnome Awards November 20

Get ready players of Old School RuneScape. The 10th Annual Golden Gnome Awards are a few days away.

Old School RuneScape Receives Trailblazer League on October 28

The Trailblazer League is almost here for Old School RuneScape, featuring a trailer showcasing some of the features, plus a release date.

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