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Old School RuneScape Getting Fresh Start Worlds Starting October 19th

On October 19th, Old School RuneScape will open up Fresh Start worlds with a completely clean slate economy, World Firsts, and a new achievements system for new players.

Old School RuneScape Extends Wilderness Boss Beta A Bit For Adjustments and Polling on Rewards

The Wilderness boss rework for Old School RuneScape continues a little longer thanks to some tweaks and a new round of polling on rewards to accompany the intended boss changes.

Old School RuneScape Tweaks Tombs of Amascut and Wilderness Reworks, Opens Quest Speedrunning Beta

Old School RuneScape has made some changes to Tombs of Amascut, as well as opened up betas for the Quest Speedrun feature, Poison Dynamite, and rewards for the rework of the Wilderness boss.

Old School RuneScape Adds 'Most Narrative Driven', Customizable Raid, Tombs of Amascut

Tombs of Amascut is now live in Old School RuneScape. The new raid is full of lore and offers a customizable challenge, with the new Invocation system letting you choose your preferred challenge level.

Old School RuneScape Plans Changes to Wilderness Boss Reworks After Community Feedback

As with all things Old School RuneScape, the community has had a chance to weigh in on the announced Wilderness Boss reworks, and Jagex has responded to some of the major points raised. 

Old School RuneScape Reworking the Wilderness Bosses' Mechanics and Visuals to Modernize Encounters

A Wilderness boss rework for Old School RuneScape is underway, with an announcement discussing new location, new strategies, mechanics, visuals, and more to make them multi-combat modern encounters.

Tombs of Amascut Comes to Old School RuneScape on August 24th, Offering Some Best in Slot Gear

Tombs of Amascut is coming to Old School RuneScape on August 24th. The "customizable" raid lets you adjust the difficulty via a series of modifiers and the raid itself offers some best in slot gear reward possibilities.

Old School RuneScape Gets Toggleable Clue Scroll and Activity Helpers if You Want Some Hints

New Clue Scroll and Activity Helpers debut in Old School RuneScape, giving players togglable help and hints if they want the assistance.

Old School RuneScape Begins Testing Activity Adviser To Match Players With Suitable Activities

An Activity Adviser tool has been added for some Old School RuneScape players to begin testing. The feature will take into account your skills, interests, activities, and stats and suggest suitable things to complete.

Old School Previews RuneScape Tombs of Amascut, While Jagex Talks Tech on New Launcher

With Tombs of Amascut coming next month, Old School RuneScape gets a progress update and preview blog. Jagex also gives a technical look at the new Jagex launcher.

Old School RuneScape Banning Almost All Third-Party Clients, While Jagex Wants Feedback on PvP

After this week, you'll only be able to use three officially approved third-party clients in Old School RuneScape, due to a new security policy. Plus, the team is looking for player feedback on PvP.

RuneScape Marks Pride Month With Tales of Pride Mini-Event, OSRS Plans Tweaks to Giant's Foundry

RuneScape is marking Pride Month with a new mini-event, Tales of Pride. Meanwhile, Old School RuneScape is planning some changes to the recently launched minigame, the Giant's Foundry and preparing for the iOS mobile launch.

Train Up Your Smithing in Old School RuneScape Giant's Foundry

Giant's Foundry is a new min-quest and area with new ways to level Smithing in Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape Further Tunes Tombs of Amascut Rewards and Introduces Unranked Group Ironman

Tombs of Amascut is getting another rewards pass in Old School RuneScape, while Group Ironman gets some important feedback

Old School RuneScape Tweaks Guardians of the Rift and Beneath Cursed Sands After Player Feedback

This week, Old School RuneScape updates Guardians of the Rift and Beneath Cursed Sands based on player feedback, and issues some fixes for other features.