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Old School RuneScape Updates Wilderness Bosses and Details Record Breaking New Skill Vote

The Wilderness Boss Rework is here for Old School RuneScape, with Jagex also reprting a record-breaking community vote on the upcoming skill.

RuneScape Tweaks Death Costs and Old School Polls the Community on a New Skill

Jagex will hold a Jagex Accounts closed beta with an eye on transition to the new system. RuneScape continues tweaking death cost reductions, and Old School RuneScape is asking the community what they'd want from a new skill this year.

Solve a Murder Mystery in New Secrets of the North Master Quest in Old School RuneScape

The Mahjarrat storyline continues in a new Master Quest in Old School RuneScape. Secrets of the North has arrived, with new rewards to earn as you solve a murder mystery and take on a solo boss.

Old School RuneScape Reveals New Grandmaster Quest, Bounty Hunter, and Desert Treasure Returns in 2023

The Winter Summit for Old School RuneScape revealed a new Grandmaster Quest coming in January, a continuation of Desert Treasure, the return of an improved Bounty Hunter, and much more.

Old School RuneScape Winter Summit is Set for December 10th, as Jagex Details Make Good for Outage

December 10th will be the next Winter Summit for Old School RuneScape. Jagex is also detailing game jam details, and its make good plans for November's outages.

RuneScape and Old School RuneScape Bring the Capes, Music, and the Grind to Smite

If you thought that Smite needed some more capes and somoe more of a grind, the RuneScape and Smite collaboration has gone live.

RuneScape and Old School RS Bring Skins, Capes, and the Grind to Smite Next Week in a New Crossover

Details are out on the crossover event between RuneScape, Old School RuneScape, and Hi-Rez's MOBA, Smite. The collaboration begins next week on November 15th.

Fresh Start Worlds Open to All in Old School RuneScape

Fresh Start Worlds have arrived in Old School RuneScape as of today. All players interested in starting with a fresh economy and a clean slate of world firsts can get started on their grind.

Old School RuneScape Players Hit It Big With 16 Billion Gold Bounty; OSRS's Largest Ever

A group of Old School RuneScape players hit the jackpot as they claimed a 16 billion gold bounty thanks to a PvP kill earlier this month.

Old School RuneScape Quest Speedrunning is Live, and Jagex Updates on Efforts Against RMT and Cheating

Old School RuneScape has opened its Quest Speedrunning worlds, and the team also has an update and analysis about RMT and cheating.

Old School RuneScape Getting Fresh Start Worlds Starting October 19th

On October 19th, Old School RuneScape will open up Fresh Start worlds with a completely clean slate economy, World Firsts, and a new achievements system for new players.

Old School RuneScape Extends Wilderness Boss Beta A Bit For Adjustments and Polling on Rewards

The Wilderness boss rework for Old School RuneScape continues a little longer thanks to some tweaks and a new round of polling on rewards to accompany the intended boss changes.

Old School RuneScape Tweaks Tombs of Amascut and Wilderness Reworks, Opens Quest Speedrunning Beta

Old School RuneScape has made some changes to Tombs of Amascut, as well as opened up betas for the Quest Speedrun feature, Poison Dynamite, and rewards for the rework of the Wilderness boss.

Old School RuneScape Adds 'Most Narrative Driven', Customizable Raid, Tombs of Amascut

Tombs of Amascut is now live in Old School RuneScape. The new raid is full of lore and offers a customizable challenge, with the new Invocation system letting you choose your preferred challenge level.

Old School RuneScape Plans Changes to Wilderness Boss Reworks After Community Feedback

As with all things Old School RuneScape, the community has had a chance to weigh in on the announced Wilderness Boss reworks, and Jagex has responded to some of the major points raised.