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Frontier Details Road Map For Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, Detailing Next Three Patches Coming This Month

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey got off to a really rocky start, and the team at Frontier is working to ensure that the anticipated expansion is as stable and performant as possible in the wake of the launch. Today the team shared a bit of its roadmap for the next few patches as well as what they are doing to fix issues, as well as improving communication with the playerbase.

Elite Dangerous Receives Hotfix Addressing Engineering Materials

More hotfixes are inbound for Elite Dangerous' troubled launch of their latest expansion, Odyssey. Details are below.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Is Out Today, Bringing On-Foot Exploration And Missions To The Milky Way

Elite Dangerous' latest expansion, Odyssey, has launched today, bringing a whole new element of gameplay to the experience: first person on-foot exploration.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Alpha Has Been Extended, Phase 4 Coming April 28th

Elite Dangerous' Odyssey alpha was scheduled to end on April 30th ahead of the mid-May launch of the expansion. However, thanks to player feedback, that alpha has been extended a few days.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Is Officially Launching On May 19th

Elite Dangerous' much anticipated Odyssey expansion finally has a release date. The planetary, first person, on-foot update is coming on May 19th for PC.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Sees Phase 3 Of Its Alpha Test Start Today

Phase 3 of the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, called Exo-Biology, begins today. With Phase 3, players will be able to test the exploration features that will be implemented when Odyssey goes live fully, such as the First Footfall mechanic and more.

Elite Dangeous: Odyssey Q&A Covers Mission Types, Player Suits And NPC Behavior

Frontier have released a recap of a recent Mission Q&A for the upcoming Odyssey expansion of Elite Dangerous. The Q&A piggy-backs on some pre-alpha footage as the dev team showed off last week, explaining in more detail what players can expect in the upcoming Elite Dangerous: Odyssey pre-alpha coming later this month.

Elite Dangerous Details First Footfall System Coming With Odyssey Update

Elite Dangerous is gearing up for its most ambitious update yet with the Odyssey expansion coming later this year, and the team has taken to its blog to detail some of the new mechanics around the expansion.

New Battle Content, Odyssey, Added to Final Fantasy XI

Some new battle content has been added to Final Fantasy XI, called Odyssey.

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