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Final Fantasy 14 Player Cosplays As Todd Howard, Gives Away Copies Of Oblivion

An in-game convention in Final Fantasy 14 saw a familiar face appear as an attendee: Bethesda Game Studios' Todd Howard. Now before you get too excited, this wasn't the real Todd Howard, but an incredibly well-made cosplay in-game by player who decided to have a bit of fun during LunarCon last weekend.

ESO Adventures: Isildur's Baenlin

This week, Shank picks up where he left off in Oblivion as he continued through the Thieves Guild, explored Blackwood, and eliminated a certain Wood Elf in Bruma...

ESO Adventures: I'm Home

With Blackwood on the horizon as the next chapter for Elder Scrolls Online taking us back to Cyrodiil, Shank revisits his favorite game of all time: Oblivion.

Skyblivion Developer Diary Shows Off Progress

In case you missed it, a new developer diary for Skyblivion shared details on the mod including just how much progress has been made over the years.