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NZXT H9 Elite Dual Chamber PC Case Review

With the ever-increasing size of components, PC enthusiasts and DIY builders have had to make yet another consideration in their quest to upgrade parts: will they fit in my existing case? Not to be one without an answer, NZXT has released a new size tier to their H-series redesign: the H9 Flow and H9 Elite.

NZXT H5 Elite PC Case Review: A Compact Mid Tower Evolution

NZXT brings its PC case rework to their compact mid tower series with the H5 Flow and H5 Elite. Find out if this upgrade is the best NZXT case yet in our review.

NZXT Canvas 32Q Curved Gaming Monitor Review

NZXT has done it. The PC builder, peripheral provider, and component colossus has officially staked their claim to your entire desktop with the final piece to the company's desktop takeover: The NZXT Canvas Gaming Monitor Series.

NZXT Signal 4K30 and HD60 USB Capture Card Review

NZXT continues its expansion into the peripherals space with the Signal series of USB-based capture cards. Today, we have both flavors in-house to see how the Signal 4K30 and Signal HD60 might meet your video capture needs.

Testing out the NZXT C1000: NZXT's New 1000-watt Power Supply

Rumors and trends point to power hungry components from this next generation of GPUs and CPUs. And that's where NZXT hopes to provide a simple, but solid foundation for the future. Check out our product spotlight on the NZXT C1000 Gold 1000W PSU.

NZXT H7 Elite PC Case Review

NZXT continues the evolution of its PC case line-up with the H7 series. We got our hands on the H7 Elite to see just how good this king amongst cases is.


NZXT reaches once more outside the PC case with the LIFT gaming mouse. Released alongside the FUNCTION modular mechanical keyboard series, the LIFT seeks to elevate your gaming experience with an ultra lightweight, ambidextrous mouse.

NZXT FUNCTION Review: Modular Mechanical Keyboards

NZXT reaches once more outside the PC case with the FUNCTION modular mechanical keyboard. But, that's not all: what if NZXT built your perfect mechanical keyboard for you? The results might surprise you and it's not guaranteed to be something you'll enjoy.

Building From the Bottom Up with NZXT Starter Pro BLD Kit

NZXT takes their BLD program in an interesting direction with the BLD Kit - a "some assembly required" solution for the curious PC builder. Could this take the fear out of building? Let's find out!

NZXT H510 Flow Airflow PC Chassis Review

NZXT just unveiled its airflow centric H510 Flow. Same excellent style, improved cooling. Find out more in our review!

NZXT Kraken Z63 RGB 280mm AIO CPU Cooler Review

Rejoice, all you architects of arctic PC builds: the Kraken now comes in matte white! Does the new color change how the Kraken performs? Hardly. But that doesn't make them any less cool. Check out this spiffy, albeit speedy, option for CPU cooling!

NZXT Capsule Cardioid USB Microphone Review

NZXT is entering the world of streaming gear. How does its stylish new mic hold up? Find out in our review!

NZXT Partners With Ubisoft for H510 Valhalla Case

We're fans of hardware here at MMORPG, especially PC cases. And it looks like NZXT has designed a case in partnership with Ubisoft with an Assassin's Creed Valhalla-themed case, the H510 Valhalla.

NZXT Reveals the N7 B550 Motherboard

It has finally happened: NZXT has released an AM4 motherboard for AMD building looking for that NZXT flair! Here is what we know about it so far.

NZXT Kraken X63 AIO CPU Cooler Review

NZXT, a premier name in the custom PC world, has a varied range of AIO coolers that can be found in nearly every other picture of a custom build. Today we look at one of the most popular dual fan coolers: The NZXT Kraken X63.