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[UPDATE] Dual Universe's Novaquark Confirms Jean-Christophe No Longer Running Day-to-Day Operations

Novaquark, the developers behind space sandbox game Dual Universe, has seen a change in President if recent stock filings are to be believed. And it turns out that Founder Jean-Christophe is no longer running day-to-day operations.

Dual Universe Adds A Public Test Server Environment

Novaquark have announced that a new PTS environment for their space-faring MMO, Dual Universe is now open.

Dual Universe Bans Marketplace Thieves - Community Reacts

In a recent reddit post, players have stolen a marketplace in Dual Universe. No, not just the items in the marketplace, but the entirety of the marketplace as a whole. The development team has responded in several ways, but to much of the dismay of the players, they have also banned the players involved.

Dual Universe Players Host an Aerospace Expo Event with Over 700 Ships Showcased

Dual Universe just had its first Zenith Aerospace Expo, hosted by Zenith Corporation at the Zenith Spaceport. If Zenith hasn't been said enough yet, allow me to say it at least once more as it might pique your interest to know that the Zenith Aerospace Expo was a completely player-driven event where over 700 ships and 1000 visitors participated.

Dual Universe Team Wants You to Determine Future Features

Do you want to help shape the future of features in Dual Universe? Well, you actually can.

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