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Not So MMO: Dune Spice Wars Preview

Dune Spice Wars is a new RTS game by Shiro Games. Having just been released into early access, we take a look at how life is on Arakkis fares under the Funcom banner.

Not So MMO: Space Punks Open Beta Developer Interview

Space Punks just dropped the news that this vibrant online looter shooter is about to plunge into open beta, and on 20 April, players will be able to enter the void and try out Flying Wild Hog's latest adventure. We sat down with Lead Game Designer Bartek Schweiger to talk about the open beta and the latest online looter shooter.

The RPG Files: Babylon's Fall Review

Babylon's Fall aims to take players to the city of Neo Babylon, tasked with reclaiming the fabled Tower of Babel. But is it successful, or does the Platinum Games' title fall flat?

Not So MMO: Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Preview

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands from Gearbox Studios, most known as the creators of the Borderlands franchise and, most recently, Borderlands 3, which was Garrick's GOTY for 2019. We had the chance to check out an early build of Wonderlands, so how does it stack up thus far? Here is our preview.

Total War Warhammer 3 Preview - Mix And Match Your Daemon

The Total War games have had a special place for Bradford ever since his childhood, and the recent Warhammer series have reinvigorated the franchise. Yet the third installment seems poised to be more narratively focused than the rest. We check it out in our preview of Total War: Warhammer 3.

MMO ReRoll: The Not So MMOs

Mitch takes a look at some of the "Not So MMOs" this month in his MMO ReRoll column: Destiny 2, Warframe, Dauntless and Fallout 76.

Not So MMO: Medieval Dynasty Review

Now that Medieval Dynasty is out of Early Access, we're starting to get a clearer picture of Toplitz Production's vision for the open-world survival RPG. So how does it fare? Emily is here with our review.

Not So MMO: Far Cry 6 Review

Being a guerrilla is exhausting work. Jason took up the mantle in the latest Far Cry entry for our Not So MMO review series. But how does Far Cry 6 fare? Here is our review.

Square Enix Releases Full Tokyo Game Show Presentation Schedule

Square Enix released its full weekend of planned Tokyo Games Show presentations, and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy joins Final Fantasy as highlights.

Not So MMO: Life Is Strange: True Colors Review

Life is Strange's premise as a franchise is simple: a drama reflecting the real world, with the caveat of a protagonist having some type of "superpowers." Perhaps it's a "curse," if you choose to describe it through the lips of Alex Chen, the protagonist of True Colors. So how does the latest installment stack up? Here is our review.

Not So MMO: Deathloop Review In Progress

Deathloop is an interesting concept that is steeped in Arkane's DNA. Take the satisfying stealth gameplay of Dishonored and mix in some crazy good gunplay, throw in a time loop story and you're itching for a good time. But does it actually hold up? Here is our review in progress.

Crusader Kings III Is Bringing Its Grand Strategy RPG To Consoles

In a series first, Paradox is bringing Crusader Kings III to Xbox and PlayStation consoles, the company announced earlier today. The latest in the long-running award-winning RPG series is making its debut on console platforms, bringing the rich PC grand strategy experience to a new group of players.


Strategy games have come a long way, and Amplitude aims to push it further with Humankind, their latest 4X offering. But how does it stack up and does it do anything meaningful to help push the 4X genre along?

Not So MMO: Godfall: Fire & Darkness Preview

Godfall released last year on PlayStation 5 and PC, bringing a technical showcase to the new console, as well as the concept of a "looter slasher" from Counterplay Games. Now, with the Lightbringer update and the first expansion, Fire & Darkness, Mitch descends into the Fire Realm to put the new content through its paces.

Not So MMO - Hearthstone's United In Stormwind Impressions

While most of the Activision-Blizzard gaming community's attention has focused on the ongoing lawsuit, it hasn't stopped Blizzard from unleashing their latest Hearthstone Expansion, United in Stormwind. Just as Forged in the Barrens featured a return to the origin of the Horde for many players, so have the Alliance returned to their capital, Stormwind, for their adventure.