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Not E3 2022: PC Gaming Show 2022 Live Blog

PC Gaming Show is gracing us with another year, bringing PC goodness from Future's PC Gamer Magazine. What are you hoping to see? Follow along with us!

Starfield Gets An Extended Gameplay Reveal, Showing Off Combat, Locations And Much More

Starfield, the next title from the Bethesda Game Studios, got its first real look at gameplay today during the Xbox + Bethesda Not E3 showcase. The gameplay showed off some familiar looking Bethesda mechanics, as well as a look at locations, the vast expanse of space and much more.

Not E3 2022: Xbox And Bethesda Showcase 2022 Live Blog

Starfield, Redfall, and much more are expected to be shown off this morning during the Xbox + Bethesda Showcase. Join us here and let us know what you're looking forward to while we cover the pressing MMO, multiplayer, and RPG info as it happens!

Not-E3 2022: Future Game Show Live Blog

Gamesradar+'s Future Game Show 2022 is up next, hosted by none other than Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer themselves. Join us as we live blog all the major MMO and RPG announcements coming out of Future's GamesRadar event.

The RPG Files: Final Fantasy XVI Gets A New Trailer, Coming Summer 2023

Final Fantasy XVI, the next major installment in the iconic franchise, debuted a new trailer during today's State of Play Presentation by Sony. The new trailer shows off a ton of action combat for the upcoming JRPG, as well as announces a summer 2023 release window.