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Noah's Heart Review

I spent the last week playing around in Noah's Heart, just to see if it was any good. Is it? Spoiler Alert: If you're a PC gamer, no...no it is not.

Explore and Befriend Historically-Inspired Phantoms in Noah's Heart, Out Today

Noah's Heart, the followup to Dragon Raja, is an open-world MMo out today that lets you befriend historically-inspired Phantoms to fight with you and be your allies.

Sponsored Pre-Register Now For Noah's Heart, A New Mobile Open-World Action RPG (SPONSORED)

Noah's Heart is an exciting new action RPG from Archosaur Games, the developers of the hit 3D MMORPG Dragon Raja.With an open world design, high quality graphics, and extensive MMO features, learn more about why you should look forward to Noah's Heart and pre-register today! (SPONSORED)