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ARK's Aberration Expansion Has Launched On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch port of ARK: Survival Evolved just continues to get better, as Grove Street Games has brought ARK's Aberration expansion to the survival game this week.

The RPG Files: Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Review

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the two newest entries into the mainline Pokemon series, bringing an open world to the whole of the game for the very first time. But does the experience hold up to make for an exciting new Pokemon title, or do the technical issues weigh it down like a Snorlax? Here's our review.

Ark: Ultimate Survivor Edition Hits Nintendo Switch November 1st With A Whole Host Of Improvements

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition has been given a release date after months of teasing. The revamped Switch version is seeing a release on November 1st, with the EU and other regions following shortly thereafter.

PAX West 2022: Hands-On With Splatoon 3's Multiplayer

Splatoon 3 enters the wild fully in a few days, and we were able to check out the multiplayer ahead of the launch this past weekend during PAX West.

The RPG Files: Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Review in Progress

After spending a mere 12-hours learning what's new and different, here are my initial impressions of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

No More Heroes 3 Review

Victoria takes a look at the next No More Heroes title, taking the high-octane action for a spin. So how does No More Heroes 3 hold up?

TennoCon 2021: Warframe Shows Gameplay Of Next Expansion, Talks Cross Save & Cross Play As Well As Announces Mobile Version In Development

During today's TennoCon, Digital Extremes announced quite a few new initiatives for their looter shooter, Warframe. The New War, the upcoming story-driven expansion to the online shooter, will be releasing later this year, and with the trailer players got a first look at the gameplay during today's stream.

Nintendo Unveils New OLED Nintendo Switch, Coming In October

After months of speculation, Nintendo finally pulled the veil off the Nintendo Switch upgrade. And while it's not the 4K Pro model many of the rumors speculated it would be, but will come with a new OLED screen, expanded internal storage as well as an updated dock.

Trove Has Launched On Nintendo Switch, Bringing The Voxel-MMO To The Portable Console

TROVE is now on Nintendo Switch, taking the free-to-play MMO on the go thanks to the portable console.

Pokémon UNITE Is An Upcoming MOBA For Switch And Mobile

If you thought the MOBA genre wouldn't get any more cluttered, think again, as the Pokémon Company is getting their feet wet by launching Pokémon UNITE this summer. The upcoming MOBA will see life on the Nintendo Switch as well as iOS and Android devices this year.

It Looks Like Valve is Creating a Nintendo Switch-Like Handheld Gaming PC

So here's a thing. It turns out Valve, the caretakers of Steam and the like, are creating a handheld gaming PC which is said to be similar to the Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter Rise Ships 5 Million Units In First Week Since Launch

Monster Hunter Rise is certainly rising with gamers right now, as the Capcom-made game for the Nintendo Switch recently announced it shipping 5 million copies in its first week since launch.

Bravely Default 2 Review - The RPG Files

If you're a lapsed Final Fantasy fan who wishes the series would return to its 2D roots, boy do I have a surprise for you. Square Enix heard your wish and granted it, only with a "Calypso in Twisted Metal" style swerve: it's not called Final Fantasy, it's called Bravely Default II. Here's our review.

Switch Port House Panic Button Expresses Interest In Porting Survival Hit Valheim to The Nintendo Switch

Valheim has taken the industry by storm the last month since it released into Steam early access. After netting 5 million copies sold within a month of its release. But could it see it set sail for platforms other than PC? If so, one studio has already expressed interest.

Monster Hunter Rise Will Be Coming To PC In 2022

Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom's next title in the Monster Hunter series, won't be a Switch exclusive - at least not completely. The team told IGN Japan that the upcoming title will also be coming to PC, though not till next year.