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Here's Three Games You Should Get Hyped For From The Game Awards | One Good Roll

Every year, well known host Geoff Keighley spins himself into a tizzy as the awards are handed out, and the world waits for the next top secret game announcement to reveal itself on screen. Here's three games to get hyped for!

Indie MMO Spotlight:  The 12 Days Of Indie-mas

This week, Nightingale makes its annual appearance at The Game Awards, Broken Ranks finds a way to turn Christmas into a PvP event, and Christmas events are as popular as ugly sweaters and Dirty Santa gifts.

The Game Awards 2022: Nightingale Shows Off New Gameplay Such As Gliding In New Trailer

Nightingale, the Victorian-era set survival game from Inflexion Games has released a new trailer, highlighting some of the gameplay players can expect when it releases into early access in 2023.

Shared-World Survival Game Nightingale Gets Intel Partnership, and Will Be at The Game Awards

Upcoming shared-world survival game Nightingale will be showing off new gameplay and features at The Game Awards next week. Developer Inflexion also announced a partnership with Intel.

Fantasy Survival Game Nightingale Joins Growing List Of 2022 Delays

Another game has hit the delayed pile this year, with Inflexion Games' Nightingale announcing yesterday that it too was being delayed until 2023.

Nightingale Was Originally an MMO-Scale Game, But Inflexion Changed Paths to a Survival Crafting Game

In a new interview, Inflexion's Aaryn Flynn talks how Nightingale's concept changed from an MMO to more of a survival crafting multiplayer sandbox with optimism and interdependence.

Survive Dangerous and Mysterious Realms in Shared World Survival Crafting Game  Nightingale

Nightingale is the debut game from Inflexion Games. A "shared world survival crafting game" and the story concerns a magical cataclysm and the attempts to make sense of and escape what follows.