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MMONFT: Richard Garriott's New NFT-Based MMO Is Named Iron And Magic

It looks like Richard Garriott's upcoming MMO project has an official name (and has for a while). The upcoming Web 3.0 MMORPG will be named Iron & Magic.

Fantasy Action MMORPG Kritika Global Launches With Blockchain and Play to Earn Elements To Roll Out

Kritika Global, a successor to Kritika Online, is now out worldwide, marking the official launch of the anime-inspired fantasy action MMORPG with blockchain and play to earn elements. 

Krafton Announces Deal to Create Its Own NFT Metaverse Platform With ZEPETO Creator

Following a deal to create NFT avatars and more leveraging the company's MMO experience, today Krafton announced it is building its own NFT Metaverse Platform.

Krafton Announces Investments and Intent to Leverage MMO Experience to Create NFTs Under Bluehole Studio

Krafton has announced investments in an effort to create NFTs using the company's experience in the MMORPG space.

Interview: EVE Online's Fanfest, Blockchain And Doctor Who

EVE Online is kicking 2022 off with a bang with its first major cross over event in the MMO's history. But there is so much more going on at developer CCP Games as 2022 starts to deepen, and we sat down with the team to talk about what's on the horizon.

 Sega is Taking a Cautious Approach on NFTs, Considers Negative Player Feedback

Sega will not rule out using NFTs or blockchain elements, but the company's position will be cautious and acknowledges negative reactions.

NFT's and Blockchain - Who Can You Trust? | MMONFT

With new blockchain games materializing almost out of nowhere every week, and news outlets struggling to keep up with the emerging trends, there is a growing unsettling factor that needs to be addressed when it comes to how blockchain, and most especially games, are handled in the media. In the age of blockchain games, who can you really trust when popular opinion could directly correlate to personal wealth?

EVE Online Is Holding An Out-Of-Game Raffle For CryptoCurrency As Well As Minting More NFTs

EVE Online's dabbling in NFTs is continuing with the latest news that the game's developer, CCP Games, is holding an "out-of-game" raffle with up to 300 Tez up for grabs. Additionally, to help comemorate the recent Alliance Tournament XVII, CCP is minting new NFTs surrounding the tournament in the coming weeks and months.

CCP Games' CEO Says Online Gaming Content 'Should Have Practical Values In The Real World'

NFTs and other blockchain technologies are making their way furiously into gaming, so it's not a shock when a company's CEO comes out talking about them. CCP Games' Hilmar Viegar Pétursson recently signaled his belief in the idea that NFTs and Play to Earn models can and should be an option for those gamers who want them, stating in an interview with The Korea Economic Daily that gamers should be able to 'make retirement plans' off the money earned through gameplay.

Ember Sword Brings Former WoW Lead Rob Pardo and 20 Gaming Execs and Influencers On Board for New Investment Round

When it comes to Ember Sword, there's a lot of promise in the development of the Pay-to-Earn (P2E)MMORPG and a new investment round shows some significant support for the future of Bright Star Studios' game.

Habbo Giving 1000 NFT Avatars to Active Players and Offsetting Environmental Impact

Sulake has announced that 1000 Habbo avatars will be given away for free to the wider Habbo Hotel community as part of a new giveaway. This follows September's NFT avatar sale, which saw 10,000 NFT avatars sell out in just over a day.

Ubisoft Invests in Blockchain Gaming and NFTs as Part of its Future

This morning, Ubisoft announced that it is investing in a blockchain gaming company, Animoca Brands, and planning to use blockchain technology in future games.

Epic Games Store Welcomes NFT and Blockchain Gaming, After Valve's Ban

There's still a lot of buzz around NFTs, what they are, how they work, and all the ways that various companies are deciding to promote them. Valve banned all NFT games from Steam. Now, Epic Games' Tim Sweeney confirmed that the Epic Games Store will continue to welcome them, under specific circumstances.

Ember Sword's Pledges Reach Over $203 Million for NFT Community Land Sale

Do you like NFTs? Do you immediately not think of a cereal brand when you hear the word "blockchain?" If so, you're in luck. Blockchain MMORPG, Ember Sword, has announced they've received over $203 million in their first community NFT land sale.

Infinite Fleet Creator Explains Why Spaceships Will Be NFT's

Infinite Fleet's Creator and CEO of Pixelmatic Samson Mow recently spoke about how their development team plans to utilize NFT's in the upcoming spacefaring MMO. Infinite Fleet plans to employ a crypto asset, INF, which can be used by players to make trades both in and out of the game.