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Team-Based PvP Title Project Loki Announces Alpha Start and NetEase and Nexon Publishing Deal in Asia

It's been a while since we've heard anything about team-based competitive PvP title, Project Loki, from Theorycraft Games. Today, the team has announced two major milestones, including the start of alpha and publishing deals in Asia and beyond.

Warhaven Shuts Down Today After Just Six Months in Early Access

It's time to say goodbye to Warhaven. Nexon's medieval fantasy combat game will shut down today after just six months in Early Access. 

The First Descendant Team Dives into UI Improvements Following Initial 3 out of 5 Steam Beta Feedback

The First Descendant is Nexon's upcoming co-op shooter, and the team released a new blog on UI and updates they've made. One important reason for the new details: they got a 3 out of 5 UI review in their Steam beta.

Mabinogi Marks 16th Anniversary With Events, REvamped VIP, and New Features Open to All

Nexon's fantasy MMORPG, Mabinogi, is celebrating its 16h anniversary with events, gifts, and some overhauls to VIP and features to use.

Vindictus: Defying Fate's Pre-Alpha Playtest Begins, With Some Familiar Characters

Today, Nexon opens up the pre-alpha playtest for upcoming medieval-fantasy action RPG  Vindictus: Defying Fate. The test demo build is combat-centric,featuring two familiar characters to choose from.

Vindictus Defying Fate Pre-Alpha Test Starts Soon

Vindictus: Defying Fate shows off what's to come in Pre Alpha test.

Nexon's Action RPG The First Berserker: Khazan Gets a Brutal New Gameplay Trailer

The First Berserker: Khazan got a brand new gameplay trailer at today's Xbox showcase, with Nexon's upcoming hardcore action RPG giving us all a better look at the brutal action we can expect.

Vindictus Adds a Vampiric New Season and Raid, In 'Dead of Night'

Vindictus is now focused entirely on PvE content and Nexon is continuing to roll out new content for the game, with the arrival of the vampiric Season 4 Episode 8, "Dead of Night".

Blow Up 5000 Mobs With Maplestory Konosuba Collab Quests 

The famous Konosuba magic makes it easy. Yes, that one

Despite Shutdown Looming, Warhaven Gets New Soldier, Hatchet, and Valentine's Weapons

Despite Nexon being in the process of shutting down Warhaven in April, the game has just gotten a brand new character, and Valentine's Day event. There's also a brief update on that shutdown process too. 

Nexon is Shutting Down Warhaven in April, After just Months in Global Early Access

Nexon will shut down its medieval action brawler Warhaven in April, shutting the game just four months after entering global early access.

Vindictus adds Sou, the 'Night Raven' A Swordsman With Powerful Combo and Style Options

Sou, known as the "Night Raven who shattered the sky", is Vindictus' newest hero. With the new update, there are events, the ability to get progression bonuses, and the removal of all PvP from the game.

Maplestory Q1 Roadmap Revamps Professions and More

Get ready for some new and exciting content and an unannounced collaboration, as the developers of MapleStory showcase the Q1 roadmap to show players what to expect. 

Medieval Brawler Warhaven Adds New Map, The Hangar, With a 12v12 Reclamation Mode, and New Events

Nexon's medieval fantasy brawler Warhaven has added a brand new map, The Hangar, along with new game events in the Early Access title's Pre-Season 2.

Nexon is Removing All PvP From Vindictus After January 23rd and Looking Towards 'Better' Content

Nexon has announced that they will remove PvP from Vindictus on January 23rd. The team shared an update detailing all of the content changes and what to expect.