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Interview: Talking Warhaven with Nexon Director Eunseok Yi

The Global Beta Test for Nexon's upcoming sword-fighting experience recently ended, and we had the opportunity to discuss the game with Game Director Eunseok Yi. Warhaven will focus on 16vs16 brawls with a combination of medieval weaponry, powerful magic, and fun gadgets to take down your enemies. Here's what the director had to say about Warhaven!

MapleStory Fest Returns November 12th as In-Person Event and Streamed This Year

Nexon has announced details on MapleStory Fest 2022, which will be in-person for the first time since 2019 as well as streamed.

The First Descendant's Beta Is Set For October, Gets Trailer Treatment Ahead Of Gamescom

Nexon's upcoming co-op shooter, The First Descendant, announced its beta testing dates, officially coming in October. The announcement this morning came alongside the promised full trailer ahead of Gamescom 2022.

Nexon's Co-Op RPG Shooter, The First Descendant, Gets A New Trailer, Beta Sign Ups Now Available

Nexon's upcoming co-op action RPG shooter, The First Descendant, got a new trailer this week, teasing some new gameplay. While the dev team is promising more at Gamescom this year, the trailer shows the shooter in action.

MapleStory M Fourth Anniversary Adds Psychic Magician Kinesis Class and Lots of Bonuses

MapleStory M is marking its fourth anniversary with a new playable class and a series of events and bonuses for the mobile MMORPG. 

Co-op Shooter From Nexon, The First Descendant, Opens Up Testing Pre-Registrations

Nexon's next major co-op title, The First Descendant, has got a Steam page and is opening up registrations for upcoming tests in the fall. The cooperative action RPG shooter from Nexon will be free-to-play and is powered by Unreal Engine 5.

Mabinogi Celebrates Two Summer Game Updates that Will Transform in Game Commerce

Mabinogi lives! Not only is the 14 year old game still alive, but it has just been updated with a new patch which introduces The Great Era of Commerce. While the first patch revolves around player commerce, the second patch, scheduled for late July, will ring in more group commerce related features.

Nexon Will Create MapleStory Universe, With Blockchain and NFTs, With MapleStory N Coming First

Nexon to start rolling out blockchain gaming and NFTs using one of its top franchises, MapleStory, and creating a MapleStory Universe as its metaverse platform. Active players will get a bigger payout on trades.

MapleStory Will Get 64-bit Clients in March, Ending Support for Older Systems

The latest game to introduce 64-bit clients and end support for old systems is MapleStory, which will get the upgrades next month.

MapleStory M Adds New High Level Dungeons, Including a Split Up Edge of Space

MapleStory M has added several high level dungeons, class rebalances, and quality of life fixes in its latest update.

MapleStory M Gets the Pathfinder Class With Events and Bonuses, Plus Holiday Celebrations

MapleStory M has just gotten it's latest class, the Pathfinder. The update increases the level cap to 250, brings new events to celebrate, and a new mini dungeon. There's also the year end holiday celebrations.

MapleStory's New Update Adds Guardian Angel Slime, New Events, and GeForce Now and Mac Support

 MapleStory gets a new boss, the Guardian Angel Slime, the continuation of the Burning World, events and more to mark "On Air Pt. 2: An Absolute Unit. Also available with this update is GeForce Now support, which expands access, including letting MapleStory be played on Mac.

Nexon America Now Accepts Cash Shop Payments in Cryptocurrency

Nexon America has announced a new deal with BitPay that will let the company accept payment in cryptocurrencies for in-game items. 

Vindictus Adds Its 19th Hero, Dan-Ah, Wielder of the Soulblade With Events to Celebrate

The latest update to Vindictus adds the long-running game's and 19th hero, the new soul warrior Dan-Ah. To mark her addition, there are also some events to net you a new costume and special leveling bonuses.

MapleStory Fest Unveils New Update, New Lara Class, and Play on Mac for the First Time

MapleStory Fest was held over the weekend and the game is getting a major new update with a new class, improvements, and events. Plus, you can play on Mac for the first time.