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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Ends PvP Series 1 And Brings Major Changes to Tomestones

Final Fantasy XIV PvP series 1 will be ending when Patch 6.2 releases  in late August. There are also some changes to the Tomestones that are coming when 6.2 is out.

Final Fantasy XIV Data Center Travel Holds Stably, as Demand Rises And Team Proceeds Carefully

Initial data on Data Center Travel has been stable after hotfixes, but the Final Fantasy XIV team is waiting on data from the weekend to be sure.

Final Fantasy XIV Gets Update To Continue Stabilizing Servers for Data Center Travel

A hotfix to keep servers stable while Data Center Travel remains in demand has been completed for Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV Has Emergency Maintenance, Team Preparing a Hotfix to Boost Data Center Travel Stability

The new Data Center Travel feature for Final Fantasy XIV continues to see high demand, and after some emergency maintenance on "cross-world" features overnight, the team is planning a hotfix to change the system for greater stability.

Data Center Travel Resumes in Final Fantasy XIV Across All Regions, With Potential Waits During Peaks

After demand exceeded 15,000 requests per minute, the new Data Center Travel feature in Final Fantasy XIV was temporarily halted. It has been reenabled globally, with some potential waits at peak times.

Final Fantasy XIV 6.18 Launches, Data Center Travel Feature Overwhelmed By Demand

Update 6.18 is here for Final Fantasy XIV, bringing new features including Data Center Travel, data center expansions in Japan and Europe along with new servers, and updates to PVP balance.

Final Fantasy XIV Introduces the Megashiba Mount Ahead of Producer Stream and 6.18 Next Week

A new mount for the dog lovers of Final Fantasy XIV is here. The Megashiba arrives ahead of tomorrow's Producer stream and big data center changes and more in 6.18 next week.

The Next Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer is on July 1st, Expect 6.2 Details and Surprises

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 is a little closer. On July 1st, the next Letter from the Producer live broadcast will happen, and with this we'll get our first 6.2 comments

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.15 Adds Quests, More Quests, a Hippo Cart Mount, and More

As Newfound Adventure continues, Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.15 adds a variety of quests, including new triabl quests that could earn you a Hippo Cart mount or a new minion.

Final Fantasy XIV to Reverse Balance Change 'Miscalculation' to Crystalline Conflict After 'Frustrating' Update

Following player feedback over recent balance changes that made the Black Mage super overpowered, and additional challenges, Final Fantasy XIV will revert the changes in a patch in June.

Final Fantasy XIV Starts New Housing Lottery After Fixing Glitches that Plagued April Lottery

Following last month's glitches plaguing the new housing lottery system, after some fixes and  changes to the system, Final Fantasy XIV is holding its next housing lottery starting today. 

Final Fantasy XIV Makes PvP Balance Changes, Removes Auto-Logout Idle Timer

Update 6.11a for Final Fantasy XIV makes some adjustments to PVP, removes the idle auto logout, and addresses several Issues.

Significant Progress Made on Final Fantasy XIV Housing Lottery Bugs, Fixes Currently Being Tested

Significant progress has been made on the Final Fantasy XIV housing lottery issues. Naoki Yoshida updates on the meticulous work being done, and advises you buy plots or relocate before a temporary suspension

A New Journey - Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.1, Newfound Adventure Impressions 

After four months of waiting to see where our adventures will lead next, Final Fantasy 14's future finally begins with the release of patch 6.1, titled "Newfound Adventure." With a 10-year roadmap ahead, the patch continues Creative Business Unit 3's ambitions to make FFXIV a fun, alluring experience for everyone old and new. Here's a glimpse of FFXIV's newfound future 

Final Fantasy XIV Holding Maintenance for Residential Areas As Work to Fix Housing Lottery Continues

Fixing the housing lottery system is a priority for Square Enix, which has announced an emergency maintenance for Final Fantasy XIV's residential areas happening today.