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New World Outlines Arenas in Latest Post

Amazon outlined the Arenas of New World in their latest post detailing the upcoming MMO.

New World Explores the Tools and Weapons of War

In case you missed it, the mechanics of war were outlined recently by the New World team.

The MMOSide Chat - Are MMOs Really Less Social?

In a week where we've seen former Blizzard President Mike Morhaime talk about the decline of MMOs, the topic of social dynamics in the genre has been on my mind recently. Are MMOs today less social than traditional MMORPGS?

New World Talks PvP Wars And PvE Invasions In New Dev Diary

Amazon's New World is humming along towards its new August release date, and the developer has recently put out a new developer diary, this time all about wars and invasions.

New World Giving Away 10 Alpha Keys Through Twitter Screenshot Campaign

New World Giving Away 10 Alpha Keys Through Twitter Screenshot Campaign

New World Preps Explorers For Invasions In Aeternum

In a new blog post, the dev team behind the upcoming MMO New World detail how to deal with the deadly invasions which plague the eternal island of Aeternum.

New World Delayed to August 25, Closed Beta in July

In a new update, we learn that New World has been delayed to August 25 with the Closed Beta starting in July.

New World Looks At PvE Content Called Corrupted Breaches

The latest New World blog looks at Corrupted Breaches, a new type of PvE content.

New World Dev Diary Episode 3 Looks at Real-Time Combat

The latest dev diary from the New World team takes a look at real-time action combat.

As New World Looms, Is There Enough Time To Iron Out The Bugs?

Brian a while back had a chance to check out Amazon's New World, and while he came away impressed, he still has questions. Namely - will some of the major bugs he noticed during the Alpha be ironed out before Amazon's launch?

New World Game Director Issues Letter to the Community

Scot Lane, Game Director on New World, just issued a letter to the community addressing closed alpha and more.

New World Shares ‘Which Faction Are You’ Quiz

The New World team has shared a fun quiz to help you determine which faction you belong to.

New World - Cheering For Amazon Games

Tim breaks down his thoughts on Amazon Game Studios and the risk they are taking with creating MMORPGs - specifically New World.

New World Outlines Factions

In case you missed it, New World outlined the factions of Aeternum.

New World, Old Problems

Tim takes a look at Amazon's New World, breaking down some of his fears that MMORPG history could repeat itself.