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Loot Some Gift Baskets, Enjoy Some Flowers: Springtide Bloom Returns to New World Next Week

 New World is bringing back Springtide Bloom once again, starting next week. The event returns to get Aeternum all spring ready, with flowers all over and of course, the wasps that come with them.

New World Devs Dive into Season 5's Cooking Changes, Announces a Contest to Make Your Favorite In-Game Food

New World's Season of the Guardian is in full swing, and the latest new dev video dives into the Cooking overhaul, what the team learned from the PTR, and future considerations, along with a real-world contest.

New World Season of the Guardian is Live, Scot Lane Explains June Announcement Timing

Season of the Guardian is now live in New World, and there's a new dev video under the theme of "Eye on Aeternum" discussing what we'll see from the team this month.

New World Prepares Us for Season of the Guardian With Update Details

Now that New World has a new release date for Season 5, Season of the Guardian, and merged some servers along the way, the team is preparing everyone for hte update with release details and more on the way.

New World Reveals All 100 Season Pass Rewards, From Skins, Dyes, Supplies, to Emotes, and Two New Artifacts

New World's Season of the Guardian is back on track with a new release date, and now the team has revealed the reward tracks you could pursue on both Season Pass tiers.

New World Team is Not Talking About Future Content Just Yet, But March Q&A Offers Some Answers

The New World team has a new community Q&A video, where they discuss the Season 5 delays, lessons learned, and why they're going quiet on future planned features until June.

Season of the Guardian Will Launch April 2nd in New World, With Server Merges This Week

New World's Season of the Guardian has an updated launch date - April 2nd. The new season was previously delayed for additional work. Amazon is also merging some servers this week, ahead of the next big update.

New World Soul Trials, Where Combat Meets Narrative, To Be Repeatable Down the Line

The New World team discusses the narrative and mechanics of Soul Trials, including why they're not replayable (yet), goals behind them, and answer community questions.

New World Team Dives into the Creation and Goals of Mounts in Outpost Rush

Though Season Five is delayed, the New World team continues previewing its features. This time, adding mounts in Outpost Rush.

New World Delays Season 5 For Additional Tuning and Balance Tweaks

New World's next season will take a little longer to get here. Season of the Guardian has been delayed for additional work, following PTR feedback on some of the major changes, including the overhauled combat and animation system. 

New World Details the 10-Person Winter Rune Forge Trial Ahead of Next Week's New Season

New World Season 5, Season of the Guardian, is coming next week, and the team is previewing the 10-person max level Winter Rune Forge Trial, from puzzles to rewards.

New World Details Controller Support Features, Accessibility, and Challenges

New World is getting controller support alongside the next season, and the team breaks down all of the details on the feature, from how you'll be able to customize your experience to accessibility.

New World Team Talks Season 5 PTR, Feedback, Updated Scripting, and Things to Look Forward To

The New World team has a new Balance of Power episode out, and they discuss the Season 5, Season of the Guardian, PTR, changes on the way, and feedback from the community.

New World Team Details the Upcoming Cooking Overhaul in Season of the Guardian

The New World team breaks down the details of the upcoming reworks of food and Cooking in the game, which looks to make the Tradeskill more fun, rewarding, and less overwhelming.

New World Team Dives into the Main Story Quest Overhauls Coming in Season of the Guardian

In New World's latest preview, Lula Lucent, Senior Narrative Designer, details some of the design process behind Season 5 main story quest and overall main story quest overhaul.