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EVE Online: Is The New Player Experience Enough To Get Started?

Ever since Bradford first started covering EVE Online, there has been a refrain from devs and fans alike to improve the new player experience. Well, it's here, but does it set new capsuleers up for success?

MMOSide Chat - How Often Do You Stop And Help New Players In An MMO?

Community is one of the major selling points of any MMORPG. Whether or not a community has a good reputation amongst players is something many look towards when deciding whether the game is worth their time. A helpful community, espeically when dealing with new players can be key to building a positive reputation within the gaming world. So how often do you help a new player when you see them asking for help?

Digital Extremes Is Running A New Player Crafting Experiment For Warframe

Getting into a new MMO is rough for new players, especially if those games have been out for years and years. Introducing systems to players in a meaningful way is always a challenge, and Warframe developer Digital Extremes is running an experiment to figure out what approach works best.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands - Exile's Reach Impressions

With the upcoming World of Warcraft: Shadowlands comes a new player experience. Aaron took his 16 years of WoW experience and romped through the NPE to give his thoughts on the new area.

Does Wurm Online's New Player Experience Hold Up?

Wurm Online is a Sandbox MMO developed by Code Club AB, which re-released on Steam July 24th, with a new player tutorial and UI improvements. While the new player experience is simple and easy to follow, it still leaves much to be desired. But is this game "the ultimate sandbox MMORPG" for new players in 2020... well, yes and no, read on to find out more.