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Neverwinter The Way of the Drow Event Features Northdark Reaches Info and a Free Gift

Neverwinter is marking the recent release of the Northdark Reaches module with the new Way of the Drow event, including new behind the scenes info and a choice of a free themed gift.

Embracer Group Financials Reveal Growth, Valheim Sold 10 Million and MMOs Drive Revenue

The latest financial report from Embracer Group shows growth, with MMOs among the revenue drivers. Valheim was also cited, having sold over 10 million copies.

Do You Still Get Excited When A New Expansion Drops For Your Go-To MMO?

November has been a month of expansions and major DLC updates for many a MMORPG. From World of Warcraft's Dragonflight later this month to The Lord of the Rings Online's Before the Shadow mini-expansion, there has been a lot of new content for players to sink their teeth into. But does it still excite you?

Interview: Talking Neverwinter's Temple of the Spider With Cryptic Studios

Neverwinter's Temple of the Spider has seen a revamp alongside today's launch of Northdark Reaches, the latest module in the MMO. We chatted with Cryptic Studios to talk about the new revamped dungeon and what players can expect.

Preview Neverwinter Northdark Reaches' Temple of the Spider Rework

Preview the revamped Temple of the Spider dungeon in Neverwinter's next module, Northdark Reaches.

Neverwinter's Next Module, Northdark Reaches, is a Collaboration With RA Salvatore and Son Geno

The next module for Neverwinter, Northdark Reaches, will be out on November 8th. This module has been developed in collaboration with RA Salvatore and his son, Geno Salvatore, based on the first two books in the elder Salvatore's The Way of the Drow trilogy.

Neverwinter Is Hosting A Masquerade And Contest Of Liars To Celebrate The Season With New Rewards

Neverwinter has brought the spooky season to Faerun, hosting a Masquerade and the Contest of Liars to celebrate. The events start on October 21st and give players the chance to show their spooky side and earn some rewards in the process.

Neverwinter Update Follows Up On Feedback That Changes How the Dev Team Rebalances Items

The Neverwinter team's latest update fixes some bugs, and makes some important balance changes. These changes follow an earlier community update and a vow to change the item balance process.

Interview: Talking Rothé Valley, Revamping And More In Neverwinter With Cryptic Studios

Neverwinter, the Dungeons & Dragons-themed MMO from Cryptic Studios, recently? re-released one of its original leveling zones, the Rothé Valley. We had the chance to chat with Neverwinter's Lead Designer Randy Mosiondz and Content Designer Eliot Minner about the process and approach to these older content revamps.

The RPG Files: Jumping Back Into Neverwinter Is Giving Me My D&D Fix Again

Neverwinter is an MMO that has been around for quite some time, though it's one Bradford tried at launch and let it fall by the wayside. With a renewed interest in Dungeons and Dragons, he's picked it back up. And to his delight, it's rather fun still.

Neverwinter's Celebration of Lliira Starts On June 30th

Neverwinter's Celebration of Lliira kicks off this week, bringing fireworks and daily quests to Protector's Enclave. The annual event sees players honoring to Goddess of Joy in a celebration that is sure to light up Neverwinter.

Join Us As We Stream Neverwinter's Dragonslayer With The Devs To Celebrate Its 9th Anniversary

Join us on Twitch and YouTube today at 1pm Pacific/4 pm Eastern as we stream Neverwinter's latest module, Dragonslayer, with the dev team at Cryptic Studios.

Neverwinter's Dragonslayer Module Launches On June 14th For All Platforms

Dragonslayer, Neverwinter's upcoming dragon-fueled module, will launch on June 14th across all platforms. This is the first time in Neverwinter's history of a simultaneous launch across PC and console.

Neverwinter: Devblog Talks the Tyranny of Dragons Epic Adventure, As Dragonslayer Opens on Preview Shard

A new Neverwinter devblog covers tonverting Tyranny of Dragons into an Epic Adventure and the upcoming Dragonslayer module lands on the PC preview shard.

Neverwinter's Next Module, Dragonslayer, Lets Players Slay Dragons In June

The next module for Neverwinter, the Dungeons & Dragons MMO's 23rd module, was revealed during today's D&D Direct. Dragonslayer will let players take part in the eponymous activity on PC and console starting in June.