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Neverwinter's Feast of Lanterns Event Celebrats the Year of the Dragon

Neverwinter is kicking off its Feast of Lanterns event, celebrating the Year of the Dragon, beginning on February 8.

Neverwinter Takes D&D Fantasy to New Heights with Spelljammer Space Module

Ready to travel into Wildspace in Neverwinter's newest Module Spelljammer? Here's our early impressions.

Neverwinter's Spelljammer Module Takes Adventurers To The Stars On November 7th

Neverwinter's next module, Spelljammer, is releasing on November 7th across all platforms. The next major update for the long-running Dungeons & Dragons-themed MMO sees the city of Neverwinter assailed by the Xaryxian Empire.

Neverwinter Re-Review

Mitch revisits Neverwinter for the first time since 2021, giving the D&D MMO a re-review to see how it holds up after ten years. From the new player experience to the darkest reaches of the Underdark, Mitch takes us through the MMO as it stands today.

Enter the Demonweb Pits to Stop Lolth as Neverwinter's 26th Module Goes Live

Demonweb Pits, the 26th module for Neverwinter, is now available, concluding the Menzoberrazan arc, adding a new dungeon, and new progression track support.

Tomorrow, Neverwinter Opens the Hero's Path and Neverember Recruitment to Ease Your Journey to Endgame

The Hero's Path will roll out tomorrow in Neverwinter, along with a new recruitment event for new characters as well, both to help new characters hit the level cap of 20.

Save Menzoberranzan and Battle Lolth in Neverwinter's 26th Module, Demonweb Pits, This Month

Neverwinter's next module is just around the corner. Releasing this month, Demonweb Pits will conclude the Menzoberranzan arc with the ability to challenge a God and save the city. 

Interview: Building Neverwinter And Looking Back On 10 Years

Neverwinter is celebrating ten years in operation, released on PC back in 2013, with console versions coming a few years later. The MMO from Cryptic Studios has seen multiple new modules released, fleshing out the world of the Forgotten Realms in one of the most fully realized digital versions of the realm. We sat down with the developers to talk about 10 years in the MMO.

Neverwinter Super-Sizes the Protector's  Jubilee Event for the Milestone 10th Anniversary

A super-sized Protector's Jubilee with new and returning rewards begins today in Neverwinter to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary.

Neverwinter Xbox Feature Covers the Game's Development History Through Menzoberranzan, the 25th Module

A new feature on Neverwinter's history, from early development to launches on PC and Xbox, to the 25th module, Menzoberranzan. There's even a small tease for the end of 2023.

Neverwinter Day of the Dungeon Master Returns Tomorrow

Neverwinter is celebrating Day of the Dungeon Master, which opens tomorrow with the return of Respen and Portobello and their rewarding challenges.

Neverwinter Update Offers Major Rebalances and Fixes for Menzoberranzan Companions, Enemies, and More

Neverwinter's latest update is mostly concerned with bug fixes and changes that improve the player experience. Special attention is paid to the recently-released module, Menzoberranzan, and the city itself.

UPDATED: All Cryptic Games Hit By PC Login and Connection Bug, Team Still Working on a Fix

All Cryptic Games are affected by a bug preventing some PC players from logging in and staying connected. Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and Champions Online are all dealing with these issues.

Neverwinter PC Getting Emergency Maintenance After Players Reported Crashes and Client Issues

Reports from some PC Neverwinter players made it clear that some couldn't start their game clients, while others had crashes. The game is set for emergency maintenance--but that has been delayed until further notice.

Neverwinter Menzoberranzan Battle Pass Detailed, Plus a Double Progression Event

Neverwinter's next module, Menzoberranzan, is coming next week, and Cryptic has revealed some details on the new Battle Pass arriving along with this big content update.