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Netmarble Reports $516.5 Million Revenue for Q2 2021

Mobile game developer and publisher Netmarble recently announced their financial earnings for Q2 2021 which included over $500 million in revenue.

Marvel's Avengers vs Marvel Future Revolution - Who Wins in This Online Game Showdown?

Whether it's the X-Men vs the Inhumans, or Cap vs Iron Man in Civil War, putting Marvel against Marvel is nothing new. In this tale of two online Marvel games, who will win when the dust settles? Buckle up true-believers!

Marvel Future Revolution: 10 Tips You Need to Know Before the Global Launch

Shortly after an information overload from the Marvel Press Tour last week, Netmarble ended up soft-launching Marvel Future Revolution on Android for Canadian residents only. After grinding my way close to max level over several days, here's 10 helpful tips that you should know if you're thinking about playing MFR when it launches globally later this year.

Marvel Future Revolution Debuts a Glorious New Teaser Trailer

Marvel's first open world RPG on mobile, Marvel Future Revolution (MFR), has been consistent in teasing heroes, villains and locations over the past several weeks on Twitter. Recently, a new teaser trailer was released that portrays some new characters, costume variants, and combat in what is shaping up to be the Marvel game to watch this year.

Netmarble Reported Higher Revenue, Operating Profit, and Net Profit Over FY 2020

You want more financial earnings reports? Well, we've got them. Today, we've got Netmarble earnings data to serve up for you. Netmarble, publisher of Lineage 2: Revolution, Blade & Soul Revolution, and more, shared their earnings for Q1 2021. Here's how they fared.

Blade & Soul: Revolution Review - A 'Hands-Off' Approach for Mobile MMORPG Gamers

Revenge. Danger. Epic battles. Blade & Soul: Revolution has all of these things, but in Netmarble's global release of this once top-grossing Korean MMORPG mobile title, if you play the game as intended, you could miss all of it. Blade & Soul: Revolution dazzles with high-quality graphics and an early story hook, but with 200 levels to grind and a ton of features to learn, will players see it through to the end?

Marvel Future Revolution Teases Launch Characters and Iron Man Gameplay

Over the past several weeks Netmarble has been posting short character teasers of Marvel Future Revolution. The mobile game seemingly takes the success of Netmarbles Marvel Future Fight improves the graphics and features, and intends to transition it into a Multiplayer Open-World RPG.

Blade & Soul: Revolution Interview - Development Lead Hyung Jin Jang Talks Combat and Game Design

Blade & Soul: Revolution released globally this year on March 4th, slated to launch with a full cinematic story, robust combat, and five exciting classes. We had the opportunity to ask Mr. Hyun Jin Jang, the Development Lead at Netmarble F&C, a few questions about Blade & Soul: Revolution, covering development, the game as players will experience it on launch, and what players can look forward to in the future.

Blade & Soul Revolution Launches Worldwide Today On Mobile

Netmarble's Blade & Soul Revolution is out now worldwide on iOS and Android, bringing the MMO IP to fans looking for an open world RPG, and who have phones.

Blade & Soul Revolution Will Release on Android and iOS March 4th

Blade & Soul Revolution announced its pre-registration event earlier this year. The game will now be available globally, beginning March 4th.

Blade & Soul Revolution is Now Open for Pre-Registration

Blade & Soul Revolution, a mobile title by Netmarble that follows closely with the story and gameplay of Blade & Soul, is now available for Pre-Registration. Those that pre-register for the game on iOS or Android will receive 1000 black crystals, and one premium pet when the game launches.

Mobile Game Blade & Soul Revolution is Headed Worldwide This Year

Mobile MMORPG's are rising in popularity, but finding a great Mobile MMORPG seems to be tougher than expected. Netmarble has announced that Blade & Soul Revolution will be headed west, and it seems to be a contender as it has had stints of high grossing quarters in South Korea over the past few years.

A3: Still Alive Review

A3: Still Alive is the latest mobile MMORPG from Netmarble with a twist. In addition to the typical MMORPG world and class design, A3: Still Alive also includes a Battle Royale mode. However, what could have been a unique twist on an oversaturated genre has devolved into another auto-battling idle game bursting with pay-to-win mechanics. There was a lot of possibility with this one, but unfortunately its story has turned into one of missed potential.

Netmarble Launches Dark Fantasy RPG 'A3: Still Alive' on November 10

Netmarble has announced their dark fantasy open world RPG A3: Still Alive is launching on November 10. Here are the details.

Dark Fantasy Open World RPG 'A3: STILL ALIVE' Announced by Netmarble

Netmarble has announced a new dark fantasy open world RPG called A3: Still Alive. And pre-registration is open now.