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Diablo Immortal Devs Tease Upcoming Features, With Next Major Update Coming December 14th

The latest developer Q&A for Diablo Immortal revealed the next major update is coming December 14th, and will feature a new zone, new Helliquary option, face re-customization option, new farming areas, and so much more.

Diablo Immortal Opening New Battle Pass Season This Week, and Merging More Servers

Another round of server merges is on the way for Diablo Immortal for improved player populations, the Season Seven Battle Pass will start, and the Hungering Moon event returns.

More Details on Blizzard and NetEase Ending Game Service in China, and Hints of Tension

There are some updates to the announcement that most Blizzard games would suspend service in China in January, due to the company and its partner NetEase not being able to reach a contract extension deal.

Blizzard And NetEase Are Suspending Game Services In China For World of Warcraft And More

Blizzard and NetEase were in the process of re-upping their agreement that sees the latter operate many of the MMO developer's titles in China. However, as alluded to in the recent financial disclosures last week, Blizzard announced this evening that it and NetEase are suspending services to its games in China.

Diablo Immortal Update Will Merge Servers into Groups for Better Population and Begin a New Event

Today, Diablo Immortal begins adding a new update that will implement the previously-announced server merges, start a new event, fix some bugs, and add additional quality of life updates.

Diablo Immortal Will Merge Some Servers For Better Grouping, With Free Server Transfers Now Open

In November, Diablo Immortal will merge servers to make grouping easier. With today's update, character transfers are open, with one free transfer for all. The update also adds new items, boosts dungeon XP, and more.

Diablo Immortal Prepares for Hallow's Wake, Adds New Limited Event, New Defend the Vault Mode, and More

This week, Diablo Immortal is opening a limited-time event, opening the dungeons, and preparing for Halloween with the Hallow's Wake event.

Forgotten Nightmares, Diablo Immortal's First Major Content Update Is Coming Next Week

The first major update for Diablo Immortal adds a new dungeon, overhauls Warbands significantly, with new modes, adds a new Helliquary boss, and much more.

Project 56 Becomes Ashfall, A Shooter MMORPG From NetEase Coming In 2023 To PC and Mobile Devices

NetEase pulled the curtain back on its upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter MMORPG, Ashfall. Previously known as Project 56, Ashfall will be launching on both PC and mobile devices sometime in 2023.

Diablo Immortal Adds New Battle Pass Season, Double Helliquary Boss, and Loads September With Events

Diablo Immortal's latest update opens up a new Battle Pass, adds a new Helliquary boss, and loads up September with several events, including special buffs and hints at the coming major update.

Diablo Immortal Gets a 'Mini Update' With Three New Events, Dungeon Party Flexibility, and New 15v1 PvP Mode

Today, Diablo Immortal's mini update adds flexibility in dungeon groups, new features, including the Fractured Plane limited time event, Into the Dark Wood event, and Echo of the Immortal, a new repeatable game mode.

EVE Echoes Will Add Minigame To Let Players Contribute to Scientific Research Via Project Discovery

A citizen science minigame, Project Discovery, will be available to EVE Echoes players. Those who contribute to research can get credits for rewards like skins or ships.

Naraka: Bladepoint Adds New Co-op Campaign Mode: Showdown

Naraka: Bladepoint is getting major new content to mark its first anniversary and today the new Campaign mode, Showdown, is underway.

Report: Blizzard, NetEase Have Canceled An Under-Development World of Warcraft Mobile MMO

Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase have canceled an under-development World of Warcraft mobile MMO that has been under development, according to a new report by Bloomberg. The title, codenamed Neptune, would have been a mobile MMO set in the same universe as Blizzard's long-popular World of Warcraft, but the project has been set aside due to a financial dispute.

EVE Echoes Marks Second Anniversary With New Expansion Content, New Team Up, and Cybernetic Implants

EVE Echoes, the mobile spinoff of EVE Online that lets you explore the galaxy in a mobile sandbox based on EVE, is marking its second anniversary with events and the game's largest expansion content ever.