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[UPDATE] NCSoft West Hit With Layoffs, 20% Of Staff Affected Per Reports

NCSoft West has been hit with a round of layoffs according to a report by VentureBeat. The report states that at least 20% of its staff has been affected, and has seen its CEO depart the company as well.

Blade & Soul Adjusts 2023 Update Schedule and Outlines February Events

In 2023, Blade & Soul will tweak its update schedule slightly, starting with a smaller February update, followed by a large March patch. Still, February will be full of events and activities.

Next Week, Blade & Soul Begins a 7th Anniversary Event and New Year's Fun

Blade & Soul is celebrating it's 7th anniversary soon, combining it with a New Year's celebration. The events begin on January 11th, and NCSoft has revealed details about what to expect.

Throne And Liberty Is Launching Globally On PC And Consoles In 2023

NCSoft released a new director's cut look at its upcoming MMORPG, Throne and Liberty, this morning, revealing more about the game, as well as when players should be able to get their hands on it next year.

NCSoft Announces Throne and Liberty Director's Preview With a Sweeping New Teaser

NCSoft is preparing to unveil more about its upcoming MMORPG Throne and Liberty next week. The company has released a teaser for the preview to whet appetites for the longer presentation.

Blade & Soul's Dark Awakening Update Brings a New Dungeon, Battle Pass Season 6 and a New Zone

Blade & Soul is back with a major update this week with Dark Awakening, which will open Battle Pass Season 6, add a new dungeon, open the Winter Treasure Trove, and much more.

Blade & Soul Resets Great Windwalk Race Leaderboards and Steps Up Bans After Cheating

The newest event in Blade & Soul, the Great Windwalk Race, has NCSoft resetting the leaderboards and stepping up bans after cheaters posted impossible times.

Gameforge Launching AION Classic in Europe in Early 2023

Gameforge will bring AION Classic to PC in Europe beginning in early 2023. This will present a fresh start opportunity to return to Atreia, or head there for the first time.

NCSoft Unveils Project LLL, A New Sci-Fi MMO Shooter

NCSoft today announced a new sci-fi shooter MMO, codenamed Project LLL, with a new gameplay trailer alongside a new internal interview with the developers.

Blade & Soul Opens Up a Rewarding Great Windwalk Race

In the latest Blade & Soul update, the Great Windwalk Race is here for the competition and rewards.

Report: Sony And NCSoft Are Working On A Horizon MMORPG

A new report today states that Sony has partnered with MMO publisher NCSoft to build a MMORPG set in the Horizon universe. The report states that NCSoft is currently looking for devs to work on the project.

Throne and Liberty Could Be 2023's Big Next-Gen MMO Launch

South Korean studio NCSoft announced Throne and Liberty back in March, and while the developers were reportedly targeting a Q4 2022 release the game has been hit with a delay now scheduled for 2023. The game is being heavily marketed as a "next-gen" title, but what is it that makes Throne and Liberty so innovative?

Blade & Soul Wind Chasers Update Coming Next Week With a Windwalking Race Event to Prepare For

Blade & Soul will get its next update on November 9th. NCSoft will release more details on this smaller update, called Wind Chasers, but we already know to expect a race event as the highlight feature.

The Symphony of Destruction Has Begun in Blade & Soul With the Musician Class, Dungeon, and More

The Symphony of Destruction update is here for Blade & Soul. The update brings the 15th class, the Musician,  a music system, mounts, a new dungeon, and more.

Preview The Musician Coming This Week With Blade & Soul's Symphony of Destruction Update

Preview the Musician coming this week to Blade & Soul with this rundown of two distinct specializations available, and the overall new music system.