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NCSoft Shows Throne and Liberty's First Siege, With Golems, Gliders, and Three Days of Action

NCSoft has shared a new official video from Throne and Liberty's Korean servers, showing th game's first three-day large, scale siege. See strategies, golems, and lots of large-scale action.

NC America Unveils Shop-Streaming-Social 'Purple' Mega Launcher App For NCSoft Games

NC America, the American division of NCSoft that's responsible for Blade & Soul and Guild Wars 2, announced the launch of its Purple launcher, which will start with Blade & Soul compatibility. 

NCSoft Showcases Throne and Liberty's Siege Golems and Transforming into Them For Battle

NCSoft has published a new Throne and Liberty video showing off Siege Golems, different types, characteristics, and how to transform into them for battle.

Throne and Liberty Producer Talks PVE and Skill Acquisition Improvements Following Resistance Event in Korea

Since its launch in Korea, the Throne and Liberty team has been making improvements and tweaks, as well as merging some servers and aiming for player experience improvements. In the most recent Producer's Letter, producer Jongok Ahn shares some recent issues with the Resistance event, player compensation, and how they'll improve PvE.

Throne and Liberty Producer's Letter Discusses Melee, Ranged & Magical Integration

The producer of Throne and Liberty, Jongok Ahn, discusses the update heading to the game on January 31, 2024. 

Throne And Liberty Shares Korean Server Integration Details, Including Ranked, Economy Resets 

Many servers will be affected, so it's good to check in if you're playing in Korea. 

NCSoft Adds New Security Measures to Throne and Liberty Korean Servers, Also Locking Out Most Foreign Players

Throne and Liberty has been out in Korea for a month now, and it looks like anyone trying to get in with a foreign account will have a tough time thanks to new changes. 

Blade & Soul Neo Classic Gives A Peek into Revitalizing the Many Environments of Moonwater Plains

The many environments of Moonwater Plains get a preview in the latest Blade & Soul Neo Classic devblog, showing off increased level of detail, changes, and the process of blending nostalgia with renewal.

Private Servers Are Keeping Lineage II's Community Alive

Private servers are nothing new in MMORPGs, and while Lineage II might have official Classic servers, the majority of players are found on the thriving private classic servers, keeping the aged MMO alive.

City of Heroes: Homecoming Gets Officially Licensed By NCSoft to Run and Develop the Game

NCSoft has given City of Heroes: Homecoming an official license to operate its CoH server. The team confirmed the news and are sharing a FAQ on what this means for access and continued development.

NCSoft's Project Skyline Looks To Be The Long-Rumored Horizon MMO, According To Job Listings

Rumors have swirled for a while that NCSoft and Sony were working on an MMO together set within Guerilla Games' Horizon: Zero Dawn universe. New job listings by an NCSOFT employee may have accidentally confirmed it, with a code-named logo with Horizon's art style.

Blade & Soul NEO Classic Server is Coming, Previews Art Improvements to Viridian Coast

The NCSoft team is previewing its Blade & Soul NEO Classic server, with UE4 upgrades and a new preview of art and lighting improvements to Viridian Coast.

Throne and Liberty Officially Launches in Korea With New Cinematic Story Trailer to Set the Stage

Throne and Liberty, NCSoft's latest epic MMORPG  has officially launched in Korea. There's a brand new cinematic story trailer to whet your appetite for the large-scale battles, environmental challenges, and quests for power ahead.

NCSoft Shares New Throne and Liberty Music and Game Footage, Along With An Intro Video Showing the Basics

NCSoft is pushing ahead with more peeks at Throne and Liberty, including two new official music track videos, each featuring themes and footage from the game, and a new intro video showing off progression and getting started.

NCsoft and Sony Interactive Sign 'Strategic Partnership' Deal, Could Horizon MMORPG Rumor Become Reality?

Sony Interactive Entertainment and NCSoft have announced a new "strategic partnership" that will cover "various global business fields, including mobile".