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Blankos Block Party's Patch 3 is Now Live - Shooting Revamp and SUPER VIBES Added

Blankos Block Party has released their 3rd Open Beta update that revamps some of the ranged weapon mechanics, and also brings on some welcome changes for racing, build mode and a very low graphics mode to make the game more accessible to low-spec PC's.

Blankos Block Party Warns 5 Blankos 'Will Not be Coming Back in the Store Ever Again'

Mythical Games is putting the squeeze on players that are interested in securing a full virtual roster of Blankos on their Blankos Block Party shelf. Five of the current Season 0 Blankos, which are only available in the Private Beta, will be gone December 10th, guaranteeing their rarity for future generations to marvel at.

Blankos Block Party Will Change How You Game - Developer Technology Interview

There are many 'party' style games out there, but in our interview with Senior Vice President of Business Development Rudy Koch, we talk about how Blankos Block Party easily sets itself apart from them, and it all starts from the ground up with technological advancements that will change the way we game - for the better.

Blankos Block Party Hands-Off Impressions

Last week Mythical brought in a number of gaming journalists for a hands-off look at their progress on a new MMO in development, Blankos Block Party. With Chief Creative Officer Jamie Jackson running through a number of features, the hour-long session was set to take us through a brief overview of different experiences players will be able to have in Blankos Block Party.