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MMO Launch Spotlight: Here's 4 New Games to Check Out This Weekend

Are you ready for some new MMO's? Well if you are, then this week's MMO Launch Spotlight brings you 4 new games that might be worth your time.

Survival Sandbox MMO Myth of Empires Launches With New Map, Mod Tools, and More

Myth of Empires, the multiplayer sandbox survival MMO taking place in a feudal world where the threat of war looms, has officially launched on PC via Steam

Myth of Empires Gets New Gameplay Trailer Showing off Features and Terrain Ahead of 1.0 Launch

Myth of Empires is getting ready for its launch on February 21st, with a brand new trailer showing off some of the new gameplay features, the new map, and more on the way.

Multiplayer Open World Survival Sandbox Myth of Empires Opens Steam Playtest Today

Myth of Empires has opened up a limited-time Steam playtest starting today through January 30th. The test comes as the open world survival sandbox set against the backdrop of war prepares for launch next month.

Open World Survival Sandbox Myth of Empires Relaunch Officially Set for February 21st

Myth of Empires will be officially relaunched on February 21st. Developer Angela Game and Imperium Interactive Entertainment announced the multiplayer strategic sandbox' launch date, along with a new trailer, and a Steam playtest later this month.

Open World Survival Sandbox War Game Myth of Empires Relaunching in February 2024 After Settling Legal Issues

After an agreement, Myth of Empires is headed for a relaunch in February. The open-world survival sandbox sandbox war game will relaunch on Steam, followed by a console release.

Myth of Empires Lawsuit Settled, as Snail Games and Angela Games Will Bring the Game Back to Wider Market

Angela Game, Snail Games settle lawsuit over sandbox MMORPG Myth of Empires. They will collaboratively re-release the game on PC and console in early 2024 and create new content.

Angela Game Stole Code From Snail Games and Tried to Hide It, According to Independent Expert Report

According to an independent expert, Myth of Empires' Angela Game stole code from Snail Games, and tried to hide it. The legal process will continue, however, with Snail Games getting an advantage here.

Myth of Empires Opens Season 2 With New Content and Ongoing Multipliers to Help Player Progression

Myth of Empires begins its Season 2 today, with some changes based on player feedback received during the first season of the game. These changes include balance adjustments, concerns over proficiency. The update also adds new content.

Myth of Empires DLC Will Expand Regions, Add Automation Structures and Ways to Harness Power

New upcoming DLC will expand and add to the regions in Myth of Empires, as well as introduce structures, vehicles, and ways of harnessing power to bring automation - and potential new ways to wage war.

Myth of Empires Launches Fast-Progression PVP Season Servers

New fast-progression PVP Season Servers open in Myth of Empires for those with an eye on competition and conquest.

Myth of Empires Getting PvE and PvP-Focused Custom Servers, Along With Musical Instruments

Supporting different playstyles with new custom servers, Myth of Empires is getting one focused on fast-progression guild PvP and conquest, and another focused on building and gathering.

Myth of Empires Opening Conquest and PvP Fast Progression Season Servers in April

Myth of Empires will be getting faster-progression, conquest season servers next month, with guild rewards, rankings, and a new game mode.

Myth of Empires Launches With New Update, End of Steam Family Share Support

Myth of Empires has been released by its publisher on its own platform, with new servers added. The release comes after months of legal tangles.

Myth of Empires Continues on Its Own Platform, With 'International Vanguard Edition' Next Week

Myth of Empires will officially open its own launcher and platform next week, with the International Vanguard Edition of the game.