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Interview: Talking Music And Gaming With Dragonforce's Marc Hudson

Earlier this year, Scott had the chance to chat with Dragonforce's Marc Hudson about music, gaming, and how the band blends the two.

Interview: Chatting Medleyfaire And New World's New Music System With Amazon Game Studios

The upcoming July update of New World brings with it one of the MMO's most interesting additions yet: musical instruments. We chatted with Amazon Game Studios about the faire and the addition of the instrument mechanic, as well as dove in ourselves on the PTR to perform some songs of our own.

Top 10 MMO Soundtracks To Listen To When You Can't Be In-Game

Soundtracks can help make or break any game, MMORPGs included. When I think of my favorite moments from any game I've ever played, music is a huge part of those memories. From the rousing iconic melody in The Elder Scrolls Online's main theme to the electronica soundscapes of EVE Online, soundtracks can help set mood and tell a story. Over the history of MMORPGs, many games have sought to create iconic themes and sounds to stand the test of time. Here are 10 of our favorite soundtracks from MMOs

Valheim's Composer AMA Talks All About Music

Valheim's composer, Patrik Jarlestam, held an AMA on Reddit earlier where he took questions from the community about all things music in the Viking-themed survival game.

New Compose and Play Feature Comes to Black Desert

A new feature called Compose and Play has hit Black Desert, allowing players to create musical compositions.