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MU Origin 2 Welcomes Back Warriors with Special Event

MU Origin 2 is getting a special event to welcome back players all month long. Here are the details.

MU Origin 2 Receives Guide of the Void Update

MU Origin 2 has receive a new content update called Guide of the Void. And it's out now.

MU Origin 2's Elemental Update Now Live

Update 4.0, aka the Elemental Update, for MU Origin 2 is live now.

MU Origin 2 Marks 1st Anniversary with Special Events

The first anniversary of MU Origin 2 will be marked by new special events.

MU ORIGIN 2 Receives New Class 'Magic Gladiator'

MU ORIGIN 2 has received a new class called Magic Gladiator alongside the 3.1 update.

MU ORIGIN 2's 3.0 Update Adds New Wedding Content

Update 2.0 has hit MU ORIGIN 2, featuring wedding content.