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Mortal Online 2 Adds Beast Mastery, a Pet Skills System, and the Realistic Server-Wide Weather System

The latest Mortal Online 2 patch added Beast Mastery to the game, along with a new pet skills system, and added the weather overhaul, with server-wide weather changes that will add realism and strategic considerations.

Mortal Online 2, Fresh Off Combat Tests, Will Hold Second Tournament of Tindrem

This week, Mortal Online 2 will hold the second Tournament of Tindrem. The tournament will pit combatants in 2v2 rounds and award rare items and more to the winners.

Should Indie MMORPGs Be Scored on a Different Scale than AAA Games? | One Good Roll

In this week's One Good Roll, but this week, Steven contemplates whether Indie games and AAA games should be scored on the same scale.

Mortal Online 2 Previews the Upcoming Weather System, and How You'll Be Able to Alter It

Star Vault previewed Mortal Online 2's impressive upcoming weather system, showing off  an overhauled system that will add some additional realism and strategic considerations to your adventures.

Mortal Online 2 Improves AI, and Will Preview Weather System Today

Mortal Online 2 will preview its upcoming weather system today, and this week's update introduced several new features including expanded hotbars, a new combining skill, updates to pets, and new points of interest.

Mortal Online 2 releases Updated Roadmap: 'An Enthralling Experience Ahead'

Earlier this month players of Starvault's Mortal Online 2 were informed that they will learn much more about what's headed down the pipe in an upcoming stream with CEO Henrik Nystrom. Last week, Henrik took to the weekly Twitch Stream and provided a new Roadmap, that details plenty of new features.

Mortal Online 2 Roadmap Update and New Patch Are Coming, and Star Vault Teases Surprises

Work on Mortal Online 2 continues, and there's a roadmap update, details on the patch planned for this week, an overview of last week's stress test, and more.

Star Vault Wants You to Show Up Ready to Battle to Help Polish Mortal Online 2's Sieges

Tomorrow, Mortal Online 2 will hold a battle test to test the server and conditions for sieges and large-scale war. Star Vault is inviting players to take part and help them get this feature polished.

Star Vault Making Progress on Promised Mortal Online 2  Features, With an Updated Roadmap Incoming

Star Vault is giving some more peeks into what's coming to Mortal Online 2. While fixes remain an priority, the roadmap will be updated, and progress is being made on new features.

Star Vault Shares New Previews of Unreal Engine 5 Upgrade for Mortal Online 2, Balance Patch Details

Some patch details and previews of the Unreal Engine 5 upgrade coming to Mortal Online 2 are among the new details released by Star Vault,

Mortal Online 2 Beta-Era Trailer Shows Where Things Started Before Planned UE5 Upgrade, Epic Launch Come

Star Vault has released a new, beta-era "This is Mortal Online 2" trailer. The team is looking on where the game was and what's ahead, with an Epic Games Store launch and an Unreal Engine 5 update on the way.

Mortal Online 2 Has New Community Standards to Combat Toxic Behavior, Including Scary Dev Harassment

Star Vault is promising to get tougher and enforce new Mortal Online 2 community standards after toxicity against players and devs (including doxxing and harassment) happened.

Necromancy Comes Today to Mortal Online 2, Along With New Dungeon, New Boss, and a Ton of Improvements

Necromancy comes to Mortal Online 2. Undead versions of almost all creatures have been added for your ritual spells and minion-creating dark magic. The update also adds a new dungeon, new boss, and tons of improvements.

Star Vault Admits Rushing Mortal Online 2 Development, Promises 'Project Polish', a Full Pivot to Fixes for Now

Star Vault Admits to rushing development on Mortal Online 2 and commits to "Project Polish", directing full development over to fixes and improvements for the earlier game and new player experience.