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Boundless Has Been Acquired By Monumental, Joining Crowfall and Mythgard On Its Roster

Monumental, the Texas-based company that most recently acquired Crowfall, has now acquired open-world, cross-platform sandbox MMO Boundless.

3 Months After Acquisition - How is Crowfall Doing?

Earlier this week, Crowfall's new development studio Monumental posted some information about a new Dregs experience headed down the pipe. It has been clear that Crowfall has been fighting an uphill battle for a while now, but under Monumental, the fans expected to see some growth. With a new Dregs campaign announced last week, lets take a quick look back at what Crowfall has been up to since the acquisition.

Crowfall Will Get a New Roadmap 'Soon', Details on Dynamic Campaigns Coming in 7.700 Released

There's some news on the Crowfall front with hints on what we can expect from the dynamic campaigns coming in 7.700.

Gordon Walton Looks at 2021 for Crowfall and What's Ahead

Gordon Walton takes us through 2021, including what the team at Artcraft added, delivered on, and accomplished in an eventful year for Crowfall

Crowfall Founder Gives Insight into Sale in Latest Blog Post

Yesterday we reported that Crowfall has been purchased by independent game studio Monumental, which developed the game Mythgard. ArtCraft plans to move on to other projects, and it will no longer be associated with the development of Crowfall, but that didn't stop the founder, J. Todd Coleman from giving a little bit of history on the project, and what lead to the sale to Monumental.