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Is There Still a Market for 'Oldschool' MMORPGs? | One Good Roll

Over the past several years, we've seen a monumental shift from in-depth, large-scale player gameplay, to a shallower shared world. Are the days of the old school MMORPG completely over? Don't count it out just yet.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Mounts, Evolutions, And Wildfolk

This week, Foxhole is finally going 1.0, Chimeraland gets a new fairy evolution, and players finally get a chance to try out the updated world map for Gloria Victis.

Indie MMO Spotlight: One Year Of Indie MMO Goodness!

This week, we celebrate the one-year anniversary of the IMS. Thanks to all of you who have checked in over the last year, and I hope you found at least one new indie MMO that piqued your interest.

Monsters & Memories is a Classic Fantasy Indie Game Looking for its Niche

If Indie MMORPG's interest you, then perhaps it's time to add another one to the list of games to watch. Monsters & Memories is an in development classic fantasy MMORPG created by Niche Worlds Cult and they've just released an update video on their current development!