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Is Free to Play Monetization 'Doomed to Collapse'? | One Good Roll

Is there any weight to the opinion that the free to play model will inevitably collapse, and be replaced by something else? Or will free to play be here to stay?

Diablo Immortal Has Reportedly Made $24 Million on Mobile in Its First Two Weeks

After just two weeks, Diablo Immortal has reportedly made $24 million in revenue from its mobile release, despite its heavily criticized monetization system.

LotRO's Monetization Changes Are Such A Breath Of Fresh Air

The Lord of the Rings Online recently announced a swathe of changes coming to its monetization model, and the change is quite the breath of fresh air. From making content free to all to increasing the amount players can enjoy before they have to pay, LotRO is ensuring that it could be around for quite some time.

Amazon Details Lost Ark's Upcoming Closed Beta, Monetization Plans

After being delayed until early 2022, Amazon and Smilegate have announced a closed beta for Lost Ark in the west, which starts November 4th. Today in a series of blog posts, the team detailed what players can expect to see, as well as how monetization will work for the free-to-play MMOARPG.

LotRO Producer Talks Extensively About Legendary Item Revamp, Calling The New System Much 'Simpler' In New Interview

In a new interview, Lord of the Rings Online producer Oleg "Raninia" Brodskiy detailed a bit more of the approach being taken by Standing Stone Games towards revamping its Legendary Items. Additionally, in the more than hour-long interview, Raninia also touches again on monetization and more.

LOTRO Monetization 'will definitely not change significantly before Gundabad', But Change Is Coming

It looks like Lord of the Rings Online's monetization will not change in a significant manner before the Gundabad expansion due sometime later this year.