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Pokémon UNITE Is An Upcoming MOBA For Switch And Mobile

If you thought the MOBA genre wouldn't get any more cluttered, think again, as the Pokémon Company is getting their feet wet by launching Pokémon UNITE this summer. The upcoming MOBA will see life on the Nintendo Switch as well as iOS and Android devices this year.

MMO Publisher Gamigo Is Bringing Tower Defense Online Game Skydome To Europe And North America

Skydome, an upcoming online game from Kinship Entertainment, has been announced by MMO publisher Gamigo this morning. The game is described as blending tower defense and MOBA elements to create a "uniquely cooperative and competitive" game.

Riot's League Of Legends Wild Rift Might Just Get Me Into Summoner's Rift Again

League of Legends brings its MOBA formula to the mobile device in North America this week, and with it much of Bradford's free time. Check out his initial thoughts from a weekend in Summoner's Rift.

Best Cash Shops To Spend Your Money In

Look - we get it. Cash shops can be predatory and down right ruin some games with extensive pay to win mechanics. But when done right, they aren't inherently bad. Here are five cash shops we feel, while not perfect, provide the experience for those looking to spend a little extra on their favorite game.

Hunter's Arena: Legends Hit Steam Early Access July 15

Hunter's Arena: Legends, the Korean MOBA-RPG hybrid, will enter Steam Early Access on July 15.

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