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SWTOR Details Update 7.4.1 In Latest Stream, Brings Date Nights To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

The next major game update for Star Wars: The Old Republic is almost upon us, as update 7.4.1 was detailed on a recent Twitch live stream. Additionally, a new Date Night feature is being added to give even more narrative flair to the MMO.

MMORPG Valentine's Day And Lunar New Year Roundup 2024

Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year Celebrations have infiltrated our favorite MMOs. Here's a round-up of many of the events going on this month to celebrate both occasions.

LotRO's Bullroarer Server Opens Up Update 39 Testing While River Hobbits Are Now For Sale Using Points

The Lord of the Rings Online's Bullroarer test server is open once again, with Update 39 up for testing. Meanwhile, for those hoarding LotRO points to grab a shiny River Hobbit, you can now do so.

EVE Online Launcher Replaced With Brand New One

Change is in the air for capsuleers, as the old EVE Online launcher has been replaced by a brand new one in order to deepen the immersion. 

How Does Power Creep Affect MMO Games?

What do you think is the worst example of power creep in a MMO title? We explore this divisive topic in MMO circles to try to answer that question.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Is Switching To A Seasons-Based Development Opening Testing To All Backers

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is making another shift in how it tests its upcoming crowdfunded MMORPG. Today, it announced that it will be shifting to a seasonal development model.

DC Universe Online Celebrates Black History Month With Free Gifts

DC Universe is celebrating Black History Month by giving away free Black hairstyles in the superhero MMO.

Adventure Quest 3D Shares New Tutorial Live Playtest

Adventure Quest 3D is looking to make a big change to its new player experience, and the developers are looking for players feedback.

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Phase 2 Preview Showcases Gnomeregan Raid Dungeon

WoW's Season of Discovery Phase 2 now has a preview showing us what we can expect after its release, and we get a peek at the boss changes, new item sets, as well as updates to the Gnomeregan Dungeon overall. 

EVE Online Is Working On Player-Created Missions, And Honestly It Makes Perfect Sense

EVE Online's developers are hard at work building the content that'll fill out 2024, and during an interview with CCP Games last week, we learned that the team is aiming to add even more player agency into New Eden through player-made quests.

New World Kicks Off The Year Of The Dragon On February 7th

New World is kicking off its next event, the Year of the Dragon, on February 7th.

The New Era of World of Warcraft - Arlee In Azeroth

Robin looks back at World of Warcraft: Dragonflight after playing through its epilogue and looks ahead to the future of the legendary MMO in this week's column.

Black Desert Online's Real-Life 'Adventurers' Oasis' Fan Event Returns

The stand-alone event moves to Los Angeles for its next edition.

Final Fantasy Live-Action TV Series Said To Be Shelved As of Now

The co-founder of Hivemind has taken to Twitter, also known as X, to discuss the rapid decline in terms of success for the Final Fantasy XIV live-action television series. 

World of Warcraft Patch Brings New PvP Brawl, Twitch Drops and More

The Seeds of Renewal update released on January 16, 2024 in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, and this week there will be a new PvP Brawl, Twitch drops for players to collect, and a weekly bonus event for World Quests.