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Crowfall Going Into Beta August 11

Crowfall is officially opening its beta starting on August 11 with invites to be sent out shortly.

You Can Access Fractured's Alpha 2 - Test 3 Today by Signing Up on G.Round

You can receive access to the Fractured playtest Alpha 2 - Test 3 today by signing up on the community-driven game testing platform, G. Round.

Diving into Avernus: An Interview With The Neverwinter Team

Recently, Neverwinter's latest content update, Avernus, has hit consoles and PC. Jonathan was able to catch up with the team behind Neverwinter for some insight about the content update.

Ashes of Creation Team Is Hiring For Several Positions

The team behind Ashes of Creation, Intrepid Studios, is hiring for some key positions. Do you fit the bill?

FFXIV And The Joys Of Having Everything On One Character

Leif was never really an alt person in MMORPGs, at least until Final Fantasy XIV sunk its teeth into him. Find out what helped change his approach to leveling alts.

Does Wurm Online's New Player Experience Hold Up?

Wurm Online is a Sandbox MMO developed by Code Club AB, which re-released on Steam July 24th, with a new player tutorial and UI improvements. While the new player experience is simple and easy to follow, it still leaves much to be desired. But is this game "the ultimate sandbox MMORPG" for new players in 2020... well, yes and no, read on to find out more.

A Journey Through Star Wars: The Old Republic

Two weeks ago, after completing my first Star Wars: The Old Republic column, I was a bit anxious about its next instalment. But just like that and out of the blue, they released the game on Steam.

Top 5 Ways The Elder Scrolls Online Could Vastly Improve Its Gameplay

The Elder Scrolls Online has been a mainstay in the MMORPG world for six year now, but there comes a point where it can feel a bit too stagnant. Here are five ways we think that ZeniMax could spruce up the gameplay in ESO.

Legends of Aria Review

Legends of Aria is a sandbox MMORPG that pays tribute to the games that inspired it from MMOs of yesteryear. Matt breaks down his thoughts on the debut title from Citadel Studios. Here is our Legends of Aria review.

Elyon Ascent: Infinite Realm Fan Video Breaks Down General Features In Upcoming MMORPG

As beta testing for Elyon, formerly known just as Ascent: Infinite Realm, has been ongoing in Korea, fans in the west have been eager for info. One YouTuber, Hakurai, has posted a long video breaking down some of the mechanics and features in Elyon during the beta.

Opinion: EverQuest Truly Is My Greatest MMORPG Of All Time

Jonathan breaks down why he feels EverQuest is the original GOAT of MMORPGs, at least for him.

EVE Echoes Launching August 13, Pre-Registration Open Now

EVE Echoes, the mobile version of EVE Online, will be launching this August 13th, as announced by the team via their Twitter account.

Cross-Platform MMORPG, V4, Out Now on Mobile and PC

V4, the cross-platform MMORPG from Nexon, is now available across mobile devices and PC.

The Lord of the Rings Online's Midsummer Festival Extended Due To Downtime

Thanks to the inmmense downtime that plagued The Lord of the Rings Online this past week, players were unable to finish the Midsummer Festival, which ended originally during the downtime. Standing Stone Games has announced the festival has been extended for players through August 3rd.

Ashes of Creation AMA Tomorrow, July 25

A new Ashes of Creation AMA is scheduled for tomorrow, July 25.