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LotRO's Fate Of Gundabad Expansion Out November 10th, Available For Pre-Purchase

LotRO is gearing up for its latest expansion, Fate of Gundabad, announcing today the upcoming content will be available on November 10th. Players can pre-purchase the expansion now, with prices similar to those in the past, ranging from a $39.99 package up to the $129.99 variety.

EVE Online Breaks Down How To Work Its Player Market In Latest Video

In a new video targeted at new players (though vets could still likely glean some insight), CCP Games are breaking down how capsuleers can use the in-game regional market in EVE Online to earn some sweet, sweet ISK.

How Do You Feel About MMO Emulation Servers?

As more and more MMOs were pulled throughout the years for myriad reasons, some players simply did not want to leave the worlds they came to love. Thus emulation servers were born. But it's a iffy subject with murky legal status. How do you feel about MMO emulation servers? Should they remain, do you think they do harm to the genre, or do you think they should be shut down?

The Old Guard vs The New Generation: The Evolution Of The MMO

The world has changed. You can feel it in the water. You can feel it in the earth. You can smell it in the air. The old school of MMOs are making way for a new breed, and much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it. Well, not really, but for some of us MMO old timers, this new generation of MMOs is just... well, different than what we're used to.

Bless Unleashed PC Review

It's been a bit since Scott gave his initial thoughts on the PC release of Bless Unleashed. Here he is with the full review of the game from NeoWiz and Round8 Studio. Does the Bless franchise make a triumphant return?

EVE Online Is Now Live On The Epic Games Store, Reveals Over 24 Million Lifetime Pilots Have Taken Flight In New Eden

EVE Online is launching on the Epic Games Store today, and CCP to celebrate the launch the team released some stats about the historic playerbase in New Eden.

New World's Soundtrack Inspired By Game Of Thrones, New Details In Extensive Video

If you think New World's soundtrack has some familiarity to it, you're not alone. In fact, the inspiration for New World's soundtrack comes from one of the most popular fantasy franchises in TV history: Game of Thrones. So much so that the composer on the HBO epic helped create the sound of Amazon's Aeternum, collaborating with Brandon Campbell on the game's soundtrack.

Witcher 3's Quest Design Lead Is Now Working On Riot's Upcoming MMO

Riot's upcoming MMO just got an experienced developer to join their team, as Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz announced via Twitter he would be setting up shop working on the anticipated MMO.

I'm Happy Newer MMOs Are Ditching The Cluttered UI Of MMOs Past

A discussion about the EVE Online Skill Plan UI got Bradford thinking about UI design in MMOs overall. Gone seemingly are the days of outrageously cluttered UI, in favor now for more minimalistic approaches. And Bradford is all for it.

DC Universe Online Is Celebrating Batman Day With Free Gifts For All Players

Batman Day is upon us and DC Universe Online is getting into the festivities by giving away Batman-themed gifts in the super hero MMO. Dimensional Ink Games is giving both members and free-to-play players plenty of Batman stuff to play with from now through the end of the month.

Elyon's Delay - And F2P Change - Likely Will Benefit Both It And Amazon's New World

Elyon was delayed earlier this morning, moving into late October, but it wasn't the only announcement Kakao made regarding the MMORPG. The game is now free-to-play, and it's something that Nick thinks will benefit not only the Korean MMO, but its rival, New World.

There Is Now A Petition To Bring Back The Matrix Online

The Matrix Resurrections released its first trailer this week and it's causing quite a stir not just for fans of the movie series, but also the long, lost MMO, The Matrix Online. Now some fans are trying to bring back the old MMO to celebrate the fourth installment in the movie series with a Change.org petition.

Relax And Check Out Iceland's Erupting Volcano With This EVE Online DJ Mix

EVE Online's developers are situated in Iceland, and right now in case you were unaware, there is a volcano technically erupting. Don't worry, it's been going for a while now. CCP Games, the developers behind the space-faring MMO are sharing some of their country's natural beauty with a new video giving some spectacular views of the volcano in action.

Check Out New World's Interactive Map And Explore Aeternum During This Weekend's Beta

Amazon's New World Open Beta is in full swing, and the dev team has created its own interactive map of Aeternum to help players better familiarize themselves with the world during the test this weekend.

New World's Open Beta: Will PvE Longevity Be An Issue?

New World's open beta kicks off today, and the new MMO from Amazon still has me asking questions. While Bradford enjoyed he time in New world in late July during its closed beta, going so far as to say he feels it is one of the most social MMOs to be launching to date in a previous editorial, he does wonder about its longevity, mostly due to its content.