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Elder Scrolls Online's Matt Firor Talks Sequel To MMO: 'There's No Reason To Do A Version 2'

In an interview with IGN's Ryan McCaffrey, Elder SCrolls Online's Matt Firor talked about the MMO itself, as well as the possibility of an ESO sequel.

World of Warcraft Details Maw Updates Coming In Chains Of Domination, Ranked Arena Play Coming To The Burning Crusade Classic

In a new post, Blizzard has detailed how the May is being updated with the upcoming 9.1 update for World of Warcraft's Shadowlands.

Lord of the Rings Online Is Releasing Two Aptly Named Legendary Servers, Treebeard And Shadowfax

During a stream last Friday ahead of all the E3 hub-bub, The Lord of the Rings Online hosted another Chat with Severlin stream, seeing the EP of the MMO answer community questions live. During the stream (in fact, almost at the outset) the executive producer let it be known that there are two new legendary servers coming to LOTRO.

Neverwinter's Module 21 Level Squish Detailed By Developers In New Developer Blog

Neverwinter is getting a level squish as part of an upcoming update, bringing an adjusted level cap of 20 with Module 21. The team talked about why the squish was needed, as well as the ramifications it will have on Neverwinter.

Elyon Is Holding Its Next Closed Beta Test In August

Elyon, the MMORPG formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, announced their next closed beta test yesterday on the official game Discord. The test, which will allow players to check out the upcoming Korean MMO again ahead of its full localization in the West later this year, is slated to begin in August.

New World's Scot Lane Addresses Pay To Win Concerns, Showcases Upcoming MMO During Summer Game Fest 2021

In a deep dive video today as part of Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest 2021, the Amazon Games team showcased New World, its upcoming MMORPG, as well as touched on a few pressing questions, including the concerns around its cash shop and the idea of 'pay to win.'

Crowfall Lowers Base Game Price As Well As Details VIP Membership Service Ahead Of July Launch

Crowfall is coming in July, and ArtCraft Entertainment announced today their monetization prices ahead of the launch, with special mention of the VIP package as well as base game price.

New World's Latest Entry In Its Touring Aeternum Series Features The Swampy Region Of Reekwater

New World is coming at the end of the summer, and Amazon Games is continuing its romp through Aeternum, showing off the various regions and settlements players will explore. This tme its the swampy region of Reekwater.

Phantasy Star Online 2's New Genesis Global Launch Marred By Downtime Issues

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is finally live this morning after a series of issues marred the launch earlier this morning. The team at SEGA have announced that servers are finally open almost 8 hours after it was supposed to originally go live. 

Lord of the Rings Online's 'Blood of Azog' Update 30 Released Today, Brings New Raid, Content To Middle-earth

Lord of the Rings Online is gearing up for its Gundabad expansion slated for later this year, though the team has been hard at work with content in the meantime. Update 30, titled "Blood of Azog" has released today, bringing the continuation of the current epic questline, as well as a new raid.

Opinion: Sometimes The 'Massively Multiplayer' Can Get In The Way Of The RPG

Bradford loves MMORPGs. However, there are occassions where the "massively multiplayer" can get in the way of the RPG aspects of a game, such as a recent experience in The Elder Scrolls Online.

World War II Online Celebrates 20 Years With Update Announcements, Including Shift To UE4

World War II Online is gearing up for its next twenty years as the developers celebrate its 20th anniversary. In doing so, the team talked about what is upcoming for WWII Online players, including potential technology changes coming to the MMO.

RuneScape's Latest Milestone: Going Mobile

For old gamers like Matt, RuneScape, from developer Jagex, has been with us since the beginning days of the MMO genre. A staple in the MMO space for over 20 years, RuneSpace has always worked to find new ways to reach out to the ever-growing MMO community. The team's latest work towards that goal is the release of RuneScape to mobile devices. We sat down with two of the lead devs to talk about the mobile version.

World of Warcraft Details Its Flying Mechanics In Shadowlands' 9.1 Patch

Flying in MMOs can be a divissive topic, but for better or worse, depending on your angle, its here to stay. Blizzard took to its website to detail just how it will work when Chains of Domination, the 9.1 patch for World of Warcraft Shadowlands, hits later this year.

New World Continues Its Tour Of Aeternum, This Time Visiting Mourningdale

New World is ramping up towards its July beta ahead of launch in August, this time showing off the region of Mournigdale in their Touring Aeternum series.