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An Interview with Ember Sword's Mo Fadl: 'We're Not a Play to Earn Game, We're a Play to Have Fun Game'

It has been several months since we've had a deep look into the state of upcoming sandbox MMORPG Ember Sword. This week, the team has unveiled some new, updated gameplay, and we were able to sit down with Mo Fadl, Chief Publishing Officer of Bright Star, and ask him a few questions on how the development has been going.

Untamed Isles, a P2E Crypto MMORPG Has Been Put On Hold; Kickstarter Funds Not Being Refunded

Untamed Isles, a self-described pay-to-earn MMORPG, has been put on hold, according to a statement made by the developers today.

MMONFT: Richard Garriott's New NFT-Based MMO Is Named Iron And Magic

It looks like Richard Garriott's upcoming MMO project has an official name (and has for a while). The upcoming Web 3.0 MMORPG will be named Iron & Magic.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Has Crypto-Tokens, But That's Not the Worst Part of the Game | MMONFT

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a cross-play mobile and PC MMORPG that released on May 25th and took a lot of players by surprise with the inclusion of blockchain. Steven finds that blockchain is not the worst part of the game after all.

NFT's and Blockchain - Who Can You Trust? | MMONFT

With new blockchain games materializing almost out of nowhere every week, and news outlets struggling to keep up with the emerging trends, there is a growing unsettling factor that needs to be addressed when it comes to how blockchain, and most especially games, are handled in the media. In the age of blockchain games, who can you really trust when popular opinion could directly correlate to personal wealth?

How Will NFTs Affect End Game in Ember Sword?

In most MMOs, end game consists of a gear treadmill where players continuously pick up new and more powerful gear, but in Ember Sword the most sought-after gear is all on the blockchain and has no competitive advantage. How will players stay invested in Ember Swords end game without a stat-based gear grind?

With Multiple Big Releases This Year, Is 2021 Truly The Year Of The MMO?

Something Elyon's developers Kakao and Krafton said when they made their free-to-play announcement last month stuck with Bradford, the 'it's clear that 2021 has been the year of the MMO.' And it certainly seems that way with so many MMOs releasing this year. Bradford asks and explores what this might mean.